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Thule Carbon Bike Frame Protector Review

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Review of the Thule Carbon Bike Frame Protector

Adam: What's going on, everybody, Adam here with etrailer today, we're going to be taking a look at the Thule Carbon Frame Protector. This is going to protect your carbon frames of your bikes. I have one installed right over here. Pretty much all it's going to do is wrap around your bike. It can go like this, it can go on the bottom tube or back here, this is what we have set up. And this is going to increase the surface area that we're going to be clamping onto, but also it is made of a nice, really, really soft rubber material.

So it's going to protect your bikes from any scratches as well. So as you see here, I kind of just cringe a little bit seeing this clamp kind of clamped down on my pretty bike. I don't really want to mess up the finish and or maybe possibly even crack my carbon fiber frame.So this is a super easy to do. All you got to do is just wrap it around like this and be mindful of how the clamps can be clamping down. So we're going to take our little pieces here.

They are stretchy. And just pretty much pull them, hook them in, and then you can do the same exact thing as you did before, but now you're just being a little bit smarter and considering this bike is relatively expensive, you are taking care of that investment.All in all, I would definitely say if you have a carbon fiber frame bike, definitely go ahead and grab this just because might as well protect your investment. These are relatively expensive bikes and you really want to protect that so you don't have any issues going down the road. You can use it with carbon fiber frame bikes. You can use it with a normal bike.

Doesn't matter really. It's going to do a lot of protecting regardless of what the frame is made of. You can use it with the DoubleTrack Pro, you can also use it with the Thule Raceway or the EasyFold XT or any other bike rack that you may want to grab it for.It's really just for your bikes and you don't have to worry about losing it. I lose things all the time. You can just leave it installed on there, it's not really doing any harm being there.

So you can go ahead and do that. If you leave it out in the rain or anything like that, it's made a rubber and none of the components are going to rust away. Or even if it's sitting out in a hot climate, it's not going to crack or anything like that. So all in all definitely recommend grabbing it for your higher end bikes or just any other bike you may have. And that's going to do it for a look at the Thule Carbon Bike Frame Protector, and I'm Adam with etrailer.

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