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Thule Bike Trailer Conversion Kit Review

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Review of the Thule Bike Trailer Conversion Kit

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Thule Bike Trailer Conversion Kit for the Thule Child Carrier, Part Number TH20100506. This lightweight aluminum hitch arm snaps quickly into the VersaWing bracket, and the ball-and-socket bike-to-trailer connection provides a stable, comfortable ride for both the bike rider and passenger. To attach our easy hitch on this particular bike, we have a quick release. You're going to undo that. On this one, it's a little tight, so bear with me. Okay. You're going to replace it with the one that comes with your kit.

You'll undo one end of your Thule quick release, and with that, you're going to take off one of these springs. Leave the other one on. Just taking off the one. This is our hitch arm with the easy hitch up here. To make it a little easier, so you're not fighting with the arm while you're trying to put it on there, you can take this off.

Just remove the rubber cap, pull out the pin. It's attached, so you won't lose it. This just slides off. Then you can put this coupler on your bike sprocket without having to fight that arm. Now we've got our quick release. We'll just slide it through the easy hitch, and then put it back into our axle, and then go to the other side.

You'll want the tapered end of the spring going towards your bike axle, and then you'll replace the screw on the back. You want to just tighten that down until you can get it nice and secure like your old quick release. There you go. To install our hitch arm, we'll just depress this first button here, slide it in, and it'll clip into place right there. To hook up our carrier to our bike, we'll just take the hitch ball. Once it's in place, take the pin and drop that down through.

You'll take this hole on the other side of that pin. Secure it in place. Now we're going to attach our safety cable. That's going to loop in to this pre-existing loop on our stroller. Just put it slowly through, and then clip it into this ring here. Now we're going to attach this safety strap for our bike, and that's going to go around the horizontal part of our fame, and then hook into this bottom loop which is tucked up there. There we are. Now to install our reflector, we're going to place through our spokes. It'll kind of sit sandwiched in between those. Once you get it into place, take one of the locking clips, and you'll just snap this down over the spoke. Once it's in place, you give it a little turn, and it'll stay in place. Now that we've got this one on this side, we'll just repeat the same process on the other side. To install our back reflector, we're going to drop down our cargo bag. You'll undo the release there so we can get it into here. We're going to go into this little grommet. You'll put the screw through there, and then just attach it into one of the holes in the back. It's kind of tough for it to get a bite, so you might need a little screwdriver to help that get seated all the way. It doesn't have to be super tight, but just enough so it's not going to fall out of there. We'll put our cargo back back up. Here's where we're going to install our safety flag. In the left tube, there's a little hole here. We'll take this stick with the orange piece on the end, flip it around. Make sure it seats all the way down in there; there's kind of a little catch. inaudible 00:04:43. There it goes. Okay. Once that's all the way down, put the top part of our safety flag in. That's all it takes to get you on the road. When you're done with your hitch arm, you can stow it by placing one end to the VersaWing bracket near the wheel here, and then this bend the arm right there. That's it for our look at the Thule Bike Trailer Conversion Kit for the Thule Child Carrier, Part Number TH20100506.

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