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Thule Camber 2 Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Thule Camber 2 Bike Rack

Colin: Hey everyone, I'm Colin here at eTrailer and today we're going to take a look at the Thule Camber 2-Bike Rack. Now this is going to be hanging to our bike rack, which is mounted to the hitch of your vehicle and it allows you to transport two bikes to and from your destination, really wherever you want to take them.More than anything it's designed to be easy for you to use. It's going to help you get in a good ride without all the complications of some other bike racks out there. Some racks will have more features while others might have a little bit less, but this rack right here is going to be a good value way for you to get to the trailhead and get going.It's going to hold your bikes by the top tube of the frame. You can see it's sitting right on top of our cradles. Something to point out is that sometimes you have bikes, like our mountain bike back here, with an alternative frame style.

You can see it's sitting at a bit more of an angle. You'll find this in a lot of children's bikes and even some women's bikes. You may need to purchase a bike adapter bar that'll go at the seatpost tube right here, right below the seat and your handlebar that'll just give you more space to where you can put it on the rack into where it will be level. However, it's not necessarily vital. You can see that our mountain bike is at an angle.

As long as it doesn't bother you, it's not going to ride any differently like this.Now if you frequently leave your bikes unattended and you're looking for something that's going to have a cable lock, this one does not come included with one, however you can pick one up separately here at eTrailer. We've got plenty of options.With that being said our bikes are still going to be very secure. We're going to have three different straps securing our bike. We're going to have two straps on our top tube right here and then we're also going to have a third one securing our seatpost tube into the anti-sway cradle and that just help take out a lot of the unnecessary movement. You might still have a little bit of swaying between your bikes, but a lot less due to the anti-sway cradle.Now Thule also does include a ten and a half foot safety strap that you can use to wrap around your bikes and then around your bike rack frame.

The one thing I really like about what Thule do with their straps this time around is that they made them very flexible. You can see we've got a lot of flexibility with it. We're going to have this nice rubber strip on the bottom side and it's just going to help protect the finish of your bike to make sure no scratches or abrasions occur.And the other thing is when unloading your bikes you're not going to have to worry about those thicker plastic or rubber straps getting in the way. With these are just going to fold freely and you can just scoot your bikes on over when loading and unloading. So as I unload this bike you can see it just goes right over the top and even that anti-sway cradle goes out the way.Now while unloading and loading your bikes, if you find yourself frequently running into the anti-sway cradle, you can fold it in to get it out of the way.

How you do that is simply just remove the strap, you might need to pull it out with a little bit of force. Once you get the strap out, pull it all the way out. From there the cradle can actually fold up and that clicks right into that slot, so now it's not in the way down here anymore. It's going to be a lot easier to load and unload your bikes.Now I do want to point out that these cradles have a nice soft rubber padding that's going to help prevent any damage from occurring on the finish of your bike. Whilst it's going to have these grooves, you can see right there, those are going to be so that your break cables have somewhere to sit without the weight of the bike pushing down on them, possibly damaging it. And also our cradles can pivot to the left and to the right to accommodate whatever angle your bike may be sitting at, depending on the way the frame is shaped.Now I do want to give you guys a few measurements just to give you an idea of how this would fit your vehicle. We're going to use a universal point. This is going to be the center of the hitch pinhole, because depending on if the hitch is fluxed 00:03:32 with your bumper, if it sticks out or if it's even behind, the dimensions are going to be the same from the center of the hitch pinhole.Now first from the center of the hitch pinhole to the outermost point it's going to be 30 inches added on to the back of the vehicle. Now we can cut down on that space just by folding these arms down. It's going to be a gray latch up top right here. Once we pull that up we can fold the arms down. And one thing I do want to point out in the process is that Thule just goes out of their way to make sure that your rack is safe while using, so it's going to let you know when you have completely folded down with a very loud audible click. Just like that. Now that's going to be the same with all of their products.Now we'll go from the center of the hitch pinhole to the outermost part of our rack with the arms folded down, which is going to be 15 inches. And the last measurement I want to give you guys is going to be from the center of the hitch pinhole to the closest part of our rack, which is going to be down here. So this is going to give you an idea if this is going to make contact with your bumper or not, depending on if your hitch is far under your vehicle. From the center of the hitch pinhole to this part it's going to be five and three quarters inches.Now one problem you may encounter when having this bike rack installed on your hitch is you may not be able to have access to your rear hatch. This won't be the case for most sedans, but if you have a hatchback, you'll find that when you try to open it up it'll make contact with the top of the bike rack right there. Luckily Thule included a tilt-away feature. How we're going to utilize that is there's going to be another handle down here. We just pull up on that latch. Once we do we can tilt it away. And what I really like about this tilt-away feature is that it really just kind of tilts away more so than a lot of other bike racks out there. I've never really seen one that tilts away too close to parallel almost with the ground. But from here we have plenty of space to open up our trunk, even those minivan hatches where they're a lot longer and you're not going to have any problems with those either to grab whatever you need out of your trunk.I'm going to close it and just tilt it back up. It's pretty simple, just grab a hold of it. You don't have to pull any levers and just tilt up. And again, we're going to hear that loud audible latch that Thule includes to make sure you know that it is locked into place.We're going to have a two inch by two inch hitch receiver on our vehicle right here, however you can see the outline of this sleeve that's around our shank. If you have another vehicle which has an inch and a quarter by an inch and a quarter receiver, you can actually take that sleeve off and it will convert this shank to an inch and a quarter by an inch and a quarter shank.Now we're also going to have this anti-rattle bolt that is tightened down that just helps take-away that shake and play from our bike rack while we're traveling at high speeds. Now this is going to be basic. If you would like to upgrade to a threaded anti-rattle hitch pin with a lock on the other side, we sell plenty of those here at eTrailer.Another great feature about this bike rack is that it is going to be motorhome approved. It's going to have a nice durable steel construction, which will be able to hold up to those long trips that you might be taking with your motorhome. It's also going to have a nice black powder coat finish to help resist rust and corrosion.Let's go and take a look at it on our test scores. Up first is going to be our inaudible 00:06:27, which is going to simulate side-to-side action, like evasive maneuvering or taking a sharp turn. Now we're onto the solid speed bumps, which is going to simulate the up and down action like going over a speed bump or pulling into your driveway. And now our alternating speed bumps, which is going to simulate driving over uneven pavement like potholes.Thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for our look at the Thule Camber 2-Bike Rack.

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