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Thule DoubleTrack Pro XT 2 Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Thule DoubleTrack Pro XT 2 Bike Rack

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out the Thule Doubletrack Pro XT. It's gonna be a platform style bike rack. It's gonna hold the bikes by the frame. It's gonna be a very good choice to transport your two bikes, holds them nice and steady. Let's check it out.

We're out in the parking lot, we through the GoPro on the back of the vehicle just to see how the bike rack is gonna handle. So we're gonna go over some bumps first on our bumps course, just to watch and see how much it moves back and forth Inside there is some side to side movement. That's pretty normal for bike racks, but the important part is that the bikes themselves aren't moving or wiggling in place, they're staying put. So that's a good thing. Those hooks come down on there pretty tight though on that frame so I don't think it will be moving whatsoever.

All right, now we're in a different part of the parking lot where I can go a little bit faster just to keep an eye on it and I'll listen and see if you can hear it back there if there is any rattling or anything. I don't hear anything. I don't see anything that makes me not trust the bike rack either. So now we're coming to a different portion of our parking lot where we can go a little bit faster and do sharp turns. So we're gonna do that here.

There's some decently aggressive turns in the bike rack which is fine. Bikes, no movement, so I think it should be good. Platform style bike racks usually fit in two different categories. The ones that make frame contact, and there's the ones that don't and usually, the hook comes down on the wheel. So this one clearly touches the frame.

So this one wouldn't be so good for carbon fiber bikes. This one's better for the aluminum road bike, mountain bikes, any of the other frame types would be just fine with this. So if you do have a carbon fiber bike, I would recommend looking at one that holds it by the wheel instead, that way you don't damage that frame. So then now what's gonna be a little tricky is it an alternative frame bikes, especially with the frame mounts, those hooks gotta go down on those weird frames that come all the way down here, and have to go down. They will still work, you get adapter bar and put that between there and that way the bar is up here and the hook will go on there. But it just might be something else that you run into if you have alternative frame bikes. It might be better to just to go with the wheel Mount, that way the frame is not an issue. How the Doubletrack works is, it's gonna have these hooks that push down on the frame of your bike. They are padded, so you don't have to worry about it scratching or damaging anything, but it's gonna push the bike down into the cradles at the bottom, and there's straps there also that you can strap this down to hold it in place. I like that. It's better than some of the other ones. Sometimes you get just loops down here that the tire sits in and it's just a loop. So yeah, it works but I really like these cradles better because as you can see, the road bike tire goes here in the center and there's actually a cut out for it. And you can see maybe the little indention here for a slightly bigger tire. And that should be like mountain bike tire if you look at that one over there. And then the cradle is still big enough to fit a fat tire bike in there and the straps are also long enough at that same time. So right out of the box, you can use those three different types of bikes, and that's not always common for these bike racks. Sometimes you have to buy extra accessories. So like a whole nother cradle or a longer strap and that's just an extra thing you have to get. I like that it's all included here and ready to go out of the box. One minor complaint I do have is that the mask has both hooks on the same one. So what problem you're gonna run into is there are bikes that are similar heights, you can't do much adjusting. You can see how these can only move here. Like I can only push this one down so much before it runs into the bottom hook, and that's just, if they're that similar in height, you're not gonna have that adjustment. Now there's like a little ways around it. We moved one because of the wheelbase, you can't move those. We went to like a lower end of this one so that made connections. Same here, we got it to work, but maybe a bike adapter bar would be something else that would help you out if it's that close, maybe that'd be higher up. You can get that one down on there and not have those problems, but that's just something to be aware of it. They do kind of run into each other and you can only go so far down. So if they are closed, you might have some issues with that. And that's the deal breaker though. There is another bike rack that this gets compared to a lot and that's gonna be the Hollywood Racks Destination. And it's mass is a loop design, so each of the cradles that hold the bikes on the outside of the loops are on two different parts of it. So they move independently, they won't run into each other, so that'll fix that issue. The only problem with that though, is you can't lock the bikes to the rack. This one has a lock on those buttons. So you got the key here. You can lock it, and then no one can push that button, which means they can't raise these hooks up and mess with your bikes. So if you need to leave it unattended, you can lock it up and not worry about it. Since we're talking about the Destination and comparing it, one thing that this one has over the Destination, is it tilts away with the bikes loaded. So that can be really handy if let's say you get all loaded up before your trip, you're getting ready to leave, you forgot to throw the other cooler in the back, or you wanna throw something else right back there real quick, you can. With any other bike rack that can't tilt away, you'd have to remove the bikes, get that, there's a whole process or try and climb through your seats there. Not gonna happen with this one. You can either just pull this latch up, lower it down, and now it's nice and out of the way. You can pop this back hatch. One thing to be aware of is the handlebars. It's so close that I can just push the bike a little bit back. It's not hurting anything, I'm not aggressively pushing it, I just kind of could take two fingers to push it out of the way. So that's not too bad to do if you really need this access, get whatever you need in here or out of there and close it back down. And again, as you close it back down, remember, to push the handlebars back out of the way, just a little bit, and just maybe to show you again, it's kind of not even in a way at this point, I think the push helped out, but all I did was just kind of push it that much. So little to clear it. And then to put it back up, it's just as easy. That button is gonna snap back into place, so, you know, it's locked in. So you just push up on that mast. There you go. It's gonna have Cam Buckle Strap that works right here. You run this around the two bikes and pull it nice and tight. It's gonna push these bikes in towards each other and just take that side to side movement out there. Now there's not a lot of side to side movement, but this stabilization strap really holds it together and just keeps everything in place. It works really well and just keeps that rattling and moving down. Now we're gonna do this a little bit different because of the issue we talked about earlier with the center of mass. So, normally, you would remove the front bike first, and then the innermost bike. But we can't really do that because of the way they're stacked on top of each other, we can't get this one to move up to release this one so I wanna undo this one first towards the vehicle and remove it. Now we're gonna go down into the cradles and undo the RAT straps. Just push on the button and it releases them. Something else while we're down there that I'd like to point out is that little rubber part on the strap, that's gonna protect the inside of your wheel, that way when you're pulling down on there, nice and tight, it's not gonna damage anything. So I like that. You can also move it wherever you need to. So the different wheels, you can move that rubber piece wherever you need it to be on the inside of your wheel. So we'll do the strap first 'cause the hook is doing the main part of the work, and then come here, push the button to release it, and then you can slide the hook up. With that gone or off of there and just take the bike and walk it off. With the bikes removed, I'm gonna take it a little better look at the cradles and how they adjust. So you just throw this lever and you can spin it a few times to loosen it up and then move this back and forth wherever you may need it just to accommodate different wheel bases. So I really liked that that's adjustable. Again, I know we've talked about the Destination a few times before. That one is not adjustable, so it's kind of just set in place with the way the platform set up. And then to tighten it back up, is that turn it to get a little tight there, and then throw the lever down and now it's gonna stay in place. Now let's take a look at how it folds up towards your vehicle. 'Cause that's another feature it has. And to do that, you gotta pull down the center of mass. I think it's really easy. I liked their way of doing it. You just push this button right here, nice big button and it folds down. It'll click onto the place to let you know it's not gonna go anywhere. So just keep that in mind when you have these moved around just make sure that this can go far enough to where that button pops back in so that it's locked. 'Cause otherwise it can still move, and you don't want that when you go to fold it up. Now, when you go to fold it up, you just pull on this handle here, just like you did to tilt it. You pull it, and then just pull back up just like that. Snaps back into place again, stays just like that. It takes up far less space this way, that way, if you don't really wanna take it off the back of your vehicle and you pull in the garage, or your parking spot, you wanna close the garage with it on there, just check and make sure this takes up less space, you can close your garage and get in your spot. That space saving is really good, but how much exactly is it saving you We're gonna figure that out. So let's put that back down and get some measurements. All right, so in this position, the measurements we're gonna go each time from the center of the hitch pin to the furthest most point on the bike rack. So that's center right there, all the way out to this wheel cradle. I feel like would be the furthest out point here. Give me just a second. I'm trying to hold that still. Looks like it's 34 inches. So that's 34 inches of space here is taken up with that folded it out. So, we pull that lever, bring it up. We'll see how much that saved. So center of the hitch pin again, and kind of was like, this is gonna be the furthest point, which is 14 inches. So that's quite a bit of space it saves you when it's folded up. Now, let's see how close it gets to your vehicle, just so you can make sure you can use the folding function. So starting at the hitch pin hole again, and let's see what the closest point would be about here. So it's about seven and a half inches. So you have seven and a half inches of space, so let's just check with your vehicle, and make sure you have that space to be able to fold it up. Another measurement we like to give is ground clearance. Looking down here though, this one actually has a rise on it. So depending on where your hitches are on your vehicle, or simply how it sits, but because of that ride, it's gonna lift it up from that base level. So you should be just fine. But it's just one of those things you'd like to point out, you know, watch out for those steep hills or driveways. You don't wanna scrape it. Let's look at how it goes into the hitch. You see he's got a sleeve on it. So it's gonna fit in two inch by two inches right now, but you can take that sleeve off and it'll fit inch and a quarter. That's how it has an anti-rattle bolt in here. It really takes all that shake and play out and you shake the whole vehicle back and forth here. You see there's no rattling or movement here, which is important. And we also have a lock as a cover on it and the keys that work with the buttons on the rack side also work here. So not only can you lock the bikes, excuse me, to the rack, you can lock the rack to the hitch so that way really no one's gonna mess with it when you're not around. Now, I've been comparing this to the Hollywood Racks Destination quite a bit. It has some advantages over that. I think that will fix the problems of the two hooks be on the same mass. and that will solve that problem for you, if that is one of your problems. Otherwise, I think there's nothing wrong with this one. I think it works just fine. Another recommendation though, if you aren't sold on it yet, or you wanna carry a more wide variety of bikes, you can go with the RockyMount MonoRail, and that's gonna be kind of like I talked about earlier. It's gonna hold the bike by the wheel. So if you have those carbon fiber bikes, you can use it on there if that's what you're looking for. Otherwise though, like I said, this one still does the job just fine. It does a lot to make it a little bit above or a lot above a basic bike rack. It's not just a basic platform-style rack. With those loops I mentioned I didn't really like, I liked that this has the cradles that are ready to go right there and there. Ready for those different types of bikes. Even the extra effort of the fat tire bike was nice to see because like I said before, you usually have to order another kit. By the time you get this and unpack this, you learn that you gotta wait for that kit before you can use it. This is all ready to go. Just put it together out of the box. The convenience of the mass folding down, I really liked that too. The Destination, for example, you have a knob and a plate you have to move out of the way. So you loosen the knob, move the plate, and then the mass can be pulled down. That's just an extra step I don't think you need. I like this push button and how it kind of snaps into place. I like how this folds or tilts away, pulls up to the vehicle. It does a lot to make it not a basic platform style bike rack, but it doesn't do too much to make it one of those higher end ones either. So I think it's in that sweet spot right there in the middle. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out, and I hope this helped..

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