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Thule EnRoute Camera Backpack Review

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Review of the Thule EnRoute Camera Backpack

Howdy, neighbors. John here. And today, we're gonna be looking at the Thule EnRoute backpack, which is my personal backpack whenever it comes to taking my equipment around, both on etrailer campus and off. So this version of the Thule EnRoute is gonna come in two colors. It's gonna come in black and forest green. Now, that's really good.

This is nice whenever you're maybe in a situation where you wanna make sure it's visible, say you're walking around in a field or anything like that, or you just wanna keep track of it. I would say this is kinda more of an urban look, but if you're wanting to go with something that's a little bit more low profile whenever you're out in the forest area or anything like that, green is gonna be a lot more concealing and not be as flashy. Say you're doing documentary work with nature documentaries or anything like that, I would say that, that'd be more of the color to go with. So like the name suggests, this is a specialty backpack for cameras and video equipment and anything else you may need while you're out on the field. This works really well whenever you're actually out doing documentaries or just in an area that may be a little bit more rough and tumble.

The equipment is going to stay safe and inside. And as you can see, it has a multitude of different pockets. Now, let's take a closer look at that. So the first one I wanna look at is the main pocket area. You're gonna see there's a lot of room.

This is a 25-liter backpack, and I already have some of my equipment in there. Usually, whenever I have this, I am using it for my main lenses and then some other equipment. And as you can see, not only does it have multiple pockets on the inside, got a zipper for right there, but it actually has a magnetic seal that you can hold it like that. And then whenever you're going through maybe some harsher weather, there's a little bit of rain or drizzle coming down, you're gonna have to keep your equipment safe, so this is kinda the best way to do that. So another really cool thing in the main pocket area, you're going to have a little hidden compartment where you can actually put your main camera.

This is where I usually hide my 6K or any other camera that I'm using. And the great thing about this is you can actually pop it out independently of your backpack in case you wanna take out your camera and maybe go on the go. You wanna go check out a specific area while leaving your main backpack behind. You can just take this little cubby with you and it has a little handle, so that makes it really nice whenever you just wanna take your specific camera with you. As you can see inside, it has super soft protective material. We also have some hook and loop straps that make it a little bit smaller in case you have a smaller camera that you're dealing with. I do recommend though, if you have a specific camera and you wanna protect it, getting some different types of padding. There's a lot on the market that you can get, but this is kind of a nice fitting right off the bat that you can use. Now, while this is a super nice addition to have for this backpack, something that I have noticed is if you have a larger camera that's maybe a little bit bigger than a DSLR, it's gonna be hard to fit it in here. My 6K is kind of pushing how much room you can actually fit in this. And if you're using a bigger camera or something like a film camera, it's probably not gonna fit in here. But this is still a lot of room. You could fit maybe your extra lenses or batteries. If you plan on going on the go with it, that's just a really nice thing that you can have this separated from the actual backpack itself. Now, let's take a look at some of the other pockets and see what uses they may have. So we have two other pockets on the front and side. The front one is really nice whenever it comes to wanting to hold some of your smaller stuff. I usually keep my lens equipment in here and some other small little things I need for fixing my equipment on the go. It's also got little, extra pockets as you can see in there. Everything keeps pretty steady. I've never had anything to jostle to where I think it may break, so that's really nice. And then there is another pocket on the side. I would say this is gonna be useful for holding maybe some of your longer items that go up and down. As you can see, you can actually use this to clip it onto something. So say you're going on a flight and you're going to a set, you may need to put this on your luggage, so that way you can just clip it on there and then you're ready to go. So while personally, I haven't used this specific strap for anything with luggage, I have noticed whenever I use it for smaller tripods, which you can even see that it has a little manual tripod setup, it's really good for that. It's not gonna hold large tripods, obviously. It would kinda be over-encumbered on one side, but I would say something for maybe your phone or a very small DSLR, you can use that. You can stick it in there. Maybe you're doing some behind some scenes stuff, that's kinda the best situation for this in my opinion. But overall, it's just a nice little extra pocket that you've got there. Now, let's take a look at the back pocket. On the back pocket here, in my opinion is gonna have some of the best padding, considering of where it's at. I usually will keep my SSDs or anything that I need that is super, super, super important to have. I usually also keep lens cleaner and anything else in there. You can fit a tablet in here, which is one of the main things that they pushed for this. So if you happen to do some production work where you have to keep track of schedules, that's a really good place to put it. Overall, if you're keeping any type of laptop or tablet, this is the pad to go into. Now, the back here, the padding is amazing. I took this on a shoot whenever I was in summer. It was really hot, but overall it was super breathable, but also the padding is great. I've never had a situation where I felt like it was lanky and it was gonna fall apart, and I would trip and something bad would happen. But overall, this padding is great. It's breathable, which is something that you really want if you're doing some fast-paced documentary work. And I recommend it overall as one of the best paddings that I felt on a backpack like this. So already, whenever we look at this, the arm straps are gonna be super easy to throw over. Very secure even without kind of pulling down on these. But I feel like just a little bit of extra security is always nice, especially, let's say you're going on some rough terrain. It's nice that we have this little buckle and that's going to be able to strap down a little bit more and keep it closer to you in case you're worried about falling or tripping or maybe even just to keep it on you a little bit safer. So my final thoughts on the Thule EnRoute is it's one of my favorite camera backpacks I have ever used. I've used this on multiple shoots, both on and off campus, and it's never failed me. I love the magnetic strip considering that it actually keeps any debris that I'm worried about out. So if I'm in nastier weather or I'm worried about any dust or debris getting in and hurting my camera equipment, I don't have to worry about that. I've taken on like five different shoots while I've had it and it's held up immaculately. It still looks super slick. I love the look of it. And it's a great choice if you're starting off and need a specific camera bag that is both specialized for cameras, but also it's kind of universal. If you need to throw specific things in, you can do that. You can switch out your parts. Nothing in here is going to fail whenever it comes to using it, which I think is really, really good. And I definitely approve of Thule making this. And that was a look at the Thule EnRoute camera backpack. My name is John and have a good one..

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