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Thule Crossbar Evo Flush Rail Feet Review

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Review of the Thule Crossbar Evo Flush Rail Feet

Colin: Hey, everyone. It's Colin here at etrailer. And today we're going to take a look at Thule's Evo Flush Rail feet. Now we have it installed on a Kia Sorento right now. But basically these feet, along with a fit kit that's designed for your vehicle, is going to allow you to get a Thule WingBar roof rack installed on your flush side rails that come with your vehicle so that you get some rooftop accessories loaded up.Now you get four of these heavy duty feet in your kit. And again, when you pair it with a Thule crossbar and a fit kit, you get a complete roof rack.

To get the correct fit kit, you want to make sure you enter your year make, model of your vehicle in our fit guide. It will lead you to the right page where you can get the crossbars, the Flush Rail feet and the fit kit, all in one to have a roof rack set up for your vehicle.Let's go ahead and take that end cap off so you can kind of see what it looks like on the inside. Now, right here, you can see our rubber coated hook right here. Comes down to our flush side rail, hooks onto the little lip right here. And again, this is designed for our Kia Sorento right here.And what's nice is that it's a really easy system Thule's made to use.

They made it very intuitive so you don't have to struggle with putting it together and getting this installed on your roof rack. The fit kits they have, you see, have a nice, flush design on our flush side rails to make sure we got that clean look for our roof rack.Now these feet mount in the bottom channel of your crossbar. It will be compatible with your Thule wing bars, your Aeroblade bars, the new square bars, and the ProBar. So, you've a lot of versatility. You can get the roof rack that's going to fit your needs the best installed with this flush rail foot kit.Now, each of the flush rail feet are going to have a cover that you can put on just like that.

Keep everything concealed, protected from the elements. Now we have this plastic locker here. This comes with your kit.However, if you want to, you can replace this with the Thule One-Key System. That'll provide more security for not only your flush rail feet, but your entire roof rack setup. This is a pretty big investment, so you want to make sure that you protect it.

I would recommend picking up just a set of four, one for each of your end caps on your flush rail feet.But just for you guys as reference, I want to run through how to assemble this. Again, your flush rail foot is going to just look like this, these pieces right here on the fit kit, that is a separate part. And that's specifically designed for your vehicle, so don't forget to pick up the one that is designed for that.So we just take the end cap off, this is what it looks like on the inside. We just have this bolt right here. That's what it's going to install on to. So the kits are actually going to be labeled A, B, C, and D. You start with A, of course, which is going to be this bracket. It is printed onto the clamp. You may not be able to see it on camera, but it is easy to see in person. That just goes on like that. Nice and simple.The pad is letter B. So that's the second thing we got to do. That just installs onto this part right here. Again, very easy to use. You can just apply some pressure, get a fit onto the bottom of the foot. I want to make sure it gets into the channel just like that.And then, our bracket right here is going to be C, it's engraved on the top. Just mounts right over top right there, and then comes down. Now, the bolt is just barely sticking through our C bracket. And that's where our letter D comes in. This is just a nut that has an Allen key tool on the front. We just thread that on. Just like that. It's ready to go. We just install this top part into our crossbar and then get it on our roof.Now, we have it installed into the bottom track of our crossbar. You can see how that inserts right there. And then we just set it right down on top. We have those rubber coated clamps on each side of our flush side rail and that nice rubber pad sitting on top. Now, even though the clamps are made of steel, they do have a rubber coating all the way around them. And with that thick rubber pad, you're not going to have to worry about this scratching your rooftop at all.So, I'll usually start with just tightening down the Allen key nut with my fingers, just to pull everything up. That's what it's going to do. Once it's sitting on your factory side rails right here, this is the tool that comes in our kit. We can use that to tighten down the one bolt, which is a really nice upgrade from their previous system. We don't have to tighten down multiple different bolts to get it installed.This one bolt, I'll tighten down with my fingers first. Now the tool. But this one bolt is going to pull down and squeeze on our flush side rails. And it's also going to lock the foot inside the track of our crossbar. So that's not moving back and forth either. The tool's also going to give you those audible clicks to let you know that it's finished tightening down, it's fully torqued. And just put that end cap on. And then you just put your end cap on your flush rail foot.Now I've worked with a lot of different roof racks and over the years, they all have done a great job of really trying to update their stuff, make it a lot easier to use, make it look a lot better. But just one thing about Thule that really stands out to me across all their roof racks, especially the Evo flush rail feet, is that they're very easy to use. You saw me get that fit kit installed very quick. Get it on my crossbars and now I'm ready to load up my favorite rooftop accessories.The other thing I really like about Thule's roof racks, especially the flush rail feet, is that their aesthetics are very nice. They really try to update this to make sure that it's going to not only serve you well in getting your rooftop accessories loaded up, but it's going to look good on your vehicle too. So it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Well, that's just going to about do it for our look at Thule's Evo Flush Rail feet.

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