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Fat Tire Adapter Kit For the Thule T2 Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Fat Tire Adapter Kit For the Thule T2 Bike Rack

Hey guys. Matt here at Today we're going to be going over the Thule Fat Tire Adapter Kit for the Thule T2, part number TH919. Now, the Thule T2 does come standard with the wheel cradles that accommodate these skinny road bike tires and mountain bike tires up to three inches wide. We can see here behind me, we have our fat tire bike, which the fat tires here are about five inches wide, so we're going to need that fat tire adapter kit to properly hold this bike in place. Now, down here at the bike rack, we're just going to give you an idea of the difference between the two-wheel trays. This wheel tray here is the standard wheel tray that comes with the Thule T2 ,and then you can see how much wider the adapter is. The neat thing about this adapter is, yeah, it does accommodate the bikes with the five-inch fat tires, and also still has that same grove in there to accommodate those skinny road bike tires. The first thing we're going to do is just show you how to swap out the front end back wheel tray. To do this, we'll need to be on the underside of the rack and remove these two bolts here on the bottom.

Now, you can use a five-inch screw driver or a socket to remove these two bolts here on the bottom, and set this aside because these bolts will be reinstalled. Now, we'll go ahead and pop it off, and we'll take the adapter, slide the two pegs down into the holes. You can and actually install the incorrectly, so when you install this, the part with the wider back needs to be closer towards the middle of the rack. Now, we'll go ahead and reinstall the hardware on the bottom side of the rack. Now that we got the front part installed, we're ready to install the back wheel cradle. Now, there is two separate settings for the strap just to accommodate wider bike tires. For example, in this setting that we have here, we have the strap actually run through the entire back and bottom piece.

What we need to do is push in this gray button, open up the strap, and remove this runner tow out here, and we'll need to push out, you could see the end of the strap coming out right here, and to remove this. Ready to install it this square section here. That's going to give us all that extra slack for our lager fat tire bike. Now, we'll go ahead and install it unto the rack. First thing we'll do is pop off this plastic end cap, and then you could see that there's a screw and knot in here which we need to remove. Set that aside to be reinstalled.

We will slide this off, and slide a new one on. Then we'll replace that screw and knot as well as the plastic end cap. Now that we have both pieces of the adapter installed, I'm going to give you an idea of what the tire would look like if you did not have the adapter. Clearly, you can see this three inch wide standard tray that comes with the Thule T2, does not accommodate the five-inch fat tire bike. Now, we already the front arm unfolded and extended. Go ahead and undo the back tray strap and lift the bike up unto the rack. Now, you can see with the new adapter, it nicely accommodates this five inch wide fat tire bike.

Go ahead and extend the wheel hook up, clamp it down. We'll slide this tray out to accommodate the length of the bike. Take this strap and go through the room around the spokes, insert it back into that can buckle, make sure that this head here is over the rim just to protect it. Hold it tight. Now that we got our bike all loaded up, we'll go ahead and take it out on our swalom 00:04:03 and our bump course to show you how it performs. That will complete today's review of the fat tire adapter kit from the Thule T2 Platform Style Bike Rack, part number TH919. .

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