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Thule Force XT Sport Rooftop Cargo Box Review

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Review of the Thule Force XT Sport Rooftop Cargo Box

Collin: Hey everyone, Collin here at etrailer. Today we're going to take a look at the Thule Force XT Sport rooftop cargo box. This box is going to Mount to the roof rack of your vehicle. It's going to provide you with another enclosed space to get any excess cargo, luggage, anything to that nature, up and in the box and that'll create more space inside the vehicle for more passengers. The entire box is going to have a very durable ABS plastic construction. It's going to resist UV rays and impacts, to help protect your contents on the inside from the elements.

And our lid is going to have an arrow skin, diamond textured pattern on to it. It's going to give it that very rugged look. You can see as I scratch it, it's very rugged looking. It's going to provide a nice off-road look for your vehicle.Sometimes when you get those glossy black finishes on those boxes, they can scratch very easy. The diamond texture is going to help hide those and it's also just going to look more rugged.

Now you can see this box also does have a nice aerodynamic design. That's going to help it cut down on wind noise and drag. We've had it on on the highway, going about 60 miles an hour and honestly you just really couldn't notice it that much. If you have the radio on, you're probably not going to hear it.And when mounting this to your roof, something you do want to keep in mind, is the space that it's going to take up. So if we look at the outside dimensions of the box, it's going to have a length of 74 and 34 of an inch, a width a 24 and 34 of an inch and a height of 16 and 34 of an inch.

Now one of the really cool features that Thule includes on a lot of their boxes is the dual-sided opening lid. So from this side, if we want to access it, we just insert our key and then unlock it and open up our box.From here, we're able to access our cargo on the passenger side. However, if you do have it mounted to the other side of your vehicle, you still going to be able to access it. We'll just go ahead and close that up. It's always nice to be able to mount it to the side of your roof rack.

That way you got more space for other materials or cargo. So from here you can access it. So you can move it to the driver's side, if you'd rather have other accessories on the other side.One thing to keep in mind when mounting this to your roof, is you want to make sure you're going to have rear hatch access, if possible. So we we're able to adjust this up towards the front of the vehicle, so that our trunk can open up all the way and not interfere with what we need to get. You can see there's plenty of space between the box and the hatch and we can lean in and grab whatever we need. Now aside from using the box for luggage and other cargo for your trip, another common use for it is going to be for skis and snowboards. We have three skis on the left. It'll hold up to five sets of skis or four snowboards. Whatever you prefer. And it also is going to come with cam buckle straps, to be able to secure your cargo if you don't fill the box completely up.The box is going to have 11 cubic feet of storage space. Now if that's a little bit small for you, there are bigger sizes available of the Force XT. Just check out etrailer for those sizes. One thing to keep in mind when loading up your box, that is it does have a weight capacity of 165 pounds. But be sure to double check and make sure both your roof rack and your vehicle's roof can handle that weight. Now how this mounts to our roof rack, is it's going to use for quick grip mounting clamps. These clamps drop in on the bottom of our cargo box and come out of the bottom and wrap around our crossbars. You can see we have our wing bar set up right now with our arrow bars, but it's also going to work well with elliptical bars, round bars, square bars and most factory roof racks.Now right here is going to be one of the great advantages to having the Force XT Sport. Because it is a skinnier box compared to other ones out there, we can push it to our passenger side and we have enough space on our roof rack for other accessories. Right now we have a bike rack loaded, but depending on how much crossbar length you have, you might even be able to fit a second one up there, or even a kayak, if that's what you need. Now one thing you do want to keep in mind when loading multiple accessories, is you want to make sure that you can open up your box. You don't want to load up your accessories too close to your box, because it does kind of take up a couple of inches on the other side when it opens up. But you can see right now we have a setup to where the bike does not interfere with it and we can get into our box with ease.Overall, this Force XT Sport is going to be a really high quality box. I really like how low profile and skinny they made it, so that I can push it to one side of my vehicle and get stuff on the other side of my roof rack. Now if you're planning on taking a really big family vacation, you've got a family of five to six people, you may want to consider looking into the bigger version of the Force XT. You're going to be able to fit more cargo up there and create more space in your vehicle and make it a little bit more comfortable for you and your family. But this is going to be a great box for maybe you have a smaller vehicle, or maybe you want to store some skis and snowboards in it and keep them out of the elements. It's going to do a great job of that and it's going to hold up for a long time.On top of that, it's a really quick and easy installation. I'll go ahead and show you guys how to get that done. Now because it is a smaller box, it's not going to take too much to get it installed. It is kind of bulky, so if you do need an extra set of hands, don't be afraid to ask for them. If you're going to do it by yourself, I would advise getting it on a platform, like I have it on my table right here. Just so you don't have to go from the ground, all the way above your head. You can kind of get situated right here and we'll just pick it up. Just slide it right onto our roof rack.And because it is a skinnier box like we talked about, we're going to keep it as far to the passenger's side as we can. And before we clamp anything down, it's always a good idea to make sure that you're going to have rear hatch access, if possible. So we'll open up your trunk. You can see we're definitely far enough forward, so the hatch won't make contact, so we'll go and shut this and then clamp it down. Now let's open up our box, so we can get our clamps installed. You do have the option to install these on the box before you get it on your roof rack.Personally, I think it's easier to just go ahead and get the box up here. It makes it easier to adjust and you don't have to worry about lining the clamps up with the crossbars, while it's over the top of your head. Once we get it lined up, we can just drop it through. Make sure it's opened up wide enough. We'll go through the channel, where it comes down below our box. We'll give it a good push, to make sure that it gets locked into place. And now we can just start to tighten down the hand knob on top.And what's nice, is as it gets more tension on it, the knob is going to let you know when it's tight enough by giving you a few audible clicks. Once you hear that, we can move on to the next one. Once you get all four clamps installed, just give it a good shake. Make sure it's secure. And now you're ready to load up your cargo box. Now because we don't have any cargo to load up, we're just going to go ahead and use that handy strap to pull the lid down to us, tuck the strap back in and pull it all the way down. I'm just going to give it a good pull on the whole side. What's really nice about this one key system, is that it won't let you lock it up and pull the key out, until all three of the locks are engaged. It's going to make sure that you don't take off and then the box just suddenly opens up. Well, thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for our look at the Thule Force XT Sport rooftop cargo box..



I need a Thule that can handle a baby stroller and a walker for my mother in law. I have a 2022 Hyundai Kona. What would work for me? Need ease of use as well. I like the finish on this one a lot.

Les D.


@LR it sounds like you want a roof top cargo box that will hold a stroller and walker. Most cargo boxes are long and narrow, where as it sounds like you need more of a square large box. Check out the Trunkx # TRX34FR cargo box that measures internally 56-1/3" long x 38-1/3" wide x 18-1/3" tall. If your 2022 Kona has flush mounted roof rails then you can use the Rhino-Rack parts # RRVA126B-2,RRRCL4, # RRSUB0671 (QNT.2), # RR66QJ to mount your cargo box on.



@LesD Thank you!!

Matt J.


Hi, Great video! Can you tell me what the biggest size of the Thule Force XT roof box would suit my 2015 Nissan Rogue? Thanks, look forward to hearing from you. Regards,

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


According to the Thule fit guide it looks like the XXL # TH6359B will fit your '15 Rogue. Please note that for you to be able to open up the rear hatch properly you'll need at least 54-3/4" measurement from the front crossbar back to where your rear hatch opening starts.

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