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Thule Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2015 Chrysler Town and Country

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Review of the Thule Hitch-Bike Racks on a 2015 Chrysler Town and Country

Today on our 2015 Chrysler Town & Country we will be test fitting the Thule Vertex 2 tilting 2-bike rack. That's part number TH9028XT. This can be used for either 1-1/4" or 2" hitches. We've got a 2" hitch today so we've got our adapter on. We can go ahead and begin by inserting our shank into our receiver. We'll line up our pinholes.

Once we get that lined up we'll take our include anti-rattle bolt, go ahead and thread that on. Then we'll take our socket wrench, tighten that the rest of the way down. The nice thing about this socket wrench is it's going to help reduce the play and the rattle within our hitch and our bike rack as you can see there. We can go ahead and take a few measurements. Starting with our nearest point it's going to be from here to our bumper, and that's about 2-1/2" away. Overall we've added about 11-1/2" to our vehicle, and for our ground clearance we're looking at about 12".

This bike rack has that tilt feature. I'll go ahead and show you that. Come back here to this handle, go ahead and pick up on it. It's going to allow our bike rack to tilt out. Be a good time to get into our rear hatch to remove any cargo, gear, groceries, whatever we may have with us.

To put that back in place, pick up on the handle, roll it upwards until it snaps back in just like that. Then we can come up top here to our cradle arms, come up to this lever, pull up, raise them up until it snaps into place. By doing that we have added just about 28" to our vehicle. We can go ahead and undo our straps. Then we can grab our bike. We'll want our bike all the way up against our anti-sway strap here.

It's going to be this one right here. Just get that in position. We'll bring our strap around and we'll tighten that down. That's going to help to reduce the sway in our bike in that motion when we're driving down the road. Get our top strap in place. Now this one. Then our bike is secure and we're ready to hit the road. That's going to complete our test fit of the Thule Vertex 2 tilting 2-bike rack, part number TH9028, on our 2015 Chrysler Town & Country. .