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Thule Hitch Bike Racks Review - 2019 Toyota Highlander

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Review of the Thule Hitch Bike Racks on a 2019 Toyota Highlander

Hey guys today we have a 2019 Toyota Highlander. We're going to do a test fit of the Thule Camber 2 Bike Rack.Now this is a hanging style bike rack. So it's going to hold your bike by the top tube up here. We see we have two straps securing it, where there are two points of contact. Our third points going to be down here with our anti-sway cradle. We have a strap around the seat post tube, securing that.

What that does is it helps take away a lot of the unnecessary movement. Excuse me. But you can still see as I'm shaking it, it's still moving a little bit. You're going to have that. The anti-sway cradle is there to prevent it from swinging all the way up and all the way the other way.

Helps prevent a lot of bike-to-vehicle contact and bike-to-bike contact.Now this bike rack is going to be pretty basic. It doesn't have as many bells and whistles as some other racks out there, but it's still going to get the job done and it's still going to be a very high quality rack.Now, let's take the bike off so we can take a closer look at the rack itself. It's going to be pretty easy to do. Just push the tab and push the straps out. It's just like any other rack.

One thing that is pretty cool about what Thule did with their straps is that they made them pretty flexible. You can see as I'm flipping them up they're just kind of moving freely. They're not just stiff and staying in one spot.You're going to see, as I unload, with other thicker rubber plastic straps they can't just go right over like this. They're just going to stick straight there and then you've got to maneuver around them all. With these you can just come right over top.

You'll see as I go. Just boom. Just like that, and they'll go back into place.Now when you're done unloading, I personally always like to go ahead and replace my straps. It's a personal preference. Some people like to keep them open like this so next time they load their bike up, then it's just going to be ready. They don't have to undo it. But, I like to have it looking pretty universal and looking pretty good.Now, with any hitch mounted accessory you are going to have added length to your vehicle. In the case of our Highlander we're going to measure from our bumper to the outer most point. We've added on about 28 12/ inches to the back of our vehicle. Which, we can actually cut down on that space by folding down our arms. There's going to be a gray latch up top right here. Once we pull up on that, you can see from there. We'll fold our arms down. You can hear an audible click. That's going to let you know it's locked. Thule really does pride themselves in having those loud latches right there so that you know when it's locked in place. You're not going to have to guess and try to move it around.Let's measure again from our bumper to the outer most point. It's about 14 inches. So we did take away a good amount of space. That's something you'll want to keep in mind for any close quarter situations, like parking.Now, unlike a lot of other hanging style racks out there, we can tilt this away from the vehicle. However, I do want to point out, you do not want to do this with any bikes loaded. We can just pull up on this lever and tilt it away.Now what's nice about the tilt away feature is that this bike racks actually RV rated. So you can use this tilt away feature with an RV. That's something you don't see a lot with those RV racks that are pretty stiff and they're just straight steel construction.From there we can open up our trunk with plenty of clearance space. You see it's tilted away far enough. And, it's not taking up too much space. It is in the middle, but it's not taking up too much space. So we can just come in and grab whatever we might need out of our trunk. I'll close it now.Now to tilt it back up it's going to be pretty easy. We'll grab the top right here. We're just going to push up until we hear that latch. Like I said, it is going to be loud so you know it's locked into place. There we go.Now let's go ahead and come down and see how it attaches to our hitch. We're going to have a two inch by two inch hitch receiver on our Highlander. You do have the option however, if you want to remove that sleeve you can convert the shank down to an inch and quarter shank for inch and a quarter receivers. That's going to be handy if you have another vehicle in your household, like a smaller sedan or something like that, where you want to use this for it. We have a threaded anti-rattle bolt right there. That's tightened down. Takes away the shake and play from a bike rack while we're traveling.Now, let's go ahead and measure our ground clearance. We're going to measure at the bottom point right here to the ground. We're going to be sitting at about 13 1/4 inches, which is plenty of space. You shouldn't have to worry too much about bottoming out.Like I said pretty basic rack, not as many bells and whistles, but in my opinion it's still going to get the job done. It's RV rated, so if you do have an RV you can get one bike rack for both accessories. That tilt away feature, again, is a very nice feature to have for an RV rated rack. You don't see that too often.Thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for our test fit of the Thule Camber 2 bike rack on our 2019 Toyota Highlander.Let's go ahead and take a look at it on our test course.First it's going to be our slalom, which is going to simulate side-to-side action. Like evasive maneuvering or taking a sharp turn.Now we're on to the solid speed bumps, which is going to simulate the up and down action like going over a speed bump or pulling into your driveway.Now our alternating speed bumps, which is going to simulate driving over uneven pavement like potholes.

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