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Thule Outbound Rooftop Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Thule Outbound Rooftop Cargo Bag

Today we're going to be taking a look at and installing the Thule Outbound Rooftop Cargo Bag with 13 cubic feet of space, part number TH868. The Thule Outbound is great for storing your accessories that you don't want to keep inside the vehicle, or to free up more space in your vehicle while you travel. This can carry a wide variety of things, anything from camping gear to sporting goods to luggage. This is a nice, strong, durable bag which is water-resistant, so your items should be dry while you travel. The bag is made from a thermoplastic elastomer, which gives it its flexibility without using any harmful materials such as PVC. The a large storm flap here that actually goes along the side, all the way around to the other side, covers up your zipper, which helps it with its water resistance. It has these two straps here, which will keep your cargo in place while you drive as well.

It's very easy to install. It just wraps around your roof rack, or, in some cases, your factory raised side rails, if you don't have a roof rack. Once all said and done, this actually folds down to a nice compact size for storage. Now that we've gone over some of the features of this, let's go ahead and show you how it installs. Now, once you pull it out of the box, you just want to loosen it up, and you want to make sure that the right side is facing towards the front. You'll see Thule signs on either side, and then there is also a Thule sign towards the rear, so go ahead and make sure that goes towards the rear, and set it up onto our roof.

With it placed onto our roof, we'll go ahead and take our strap, undo it like so, wrap it around our crossbar, and tighten it up. I'm going to repeat this for the other straps as well. All right, now with everything installed onto our roof rack, we'll go ahead and come to the buckles here on each side. Loosen those up, and we'll come up underneath our cover. There's going to be some hook and loop straps here holding our zippers in place. Separate those, start to open up our bag.

I'll go ahead and loosen up the buckle on the other side as well. Once you have it completely unzipped, just unfold it towards the windshield, and now we'll go ahead and start loading it up. All right, with everything loaded up, we can close our top portion back, zip it back up, and go ahead and cinch it down. Hook back up our cam buckles. We'll go ahead and tighten those down as well to secure our load. We'll do this for the front ones as well.

Now, before we actually hit the road, we're going to go ahead and cinch up our straps here a little bit more, just to make sure they're nice and tight. Then we're going to go ahead and tie up our excess, or at least wrap it up underneath, so the straps aren't flapping around while we're driving. And there you have it for the Thule Outbound Rooftop Cargo Bag with 13 cubic feet of space, part number TH868.

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