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Thule Roof Basket Review - 2016 Dodge Dart

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Review of the Thule Roof Basket on a 2016 Dodge Dart

Today on our 2016 Dodge Dart we're doing a test fit of the Thule Canyon XT roof-mounted cargo basket. That part number is TH859XT. Now this is 49" long by 40" wide by 6" deep and has a 150 pound weight capacity. Although it does have that weight capacity, you do want to check your vehicle's owner's manual to make sure your vehicle can withstand that much weight. Now we already have three of our four brackets secured down. We're going to show you our fourth one here.

It's already adjusted so that we can fit this underneath the bar. We're going to take our medium-sized u-bolt with our two washers, placing the washers so that they're in between the wing nut and the bracket here. We're just going to start to tighten down those wing nuts. Now what's really great about this carrier is that it does come with three different size bolts. We have our medium one that we're using here today for these thicker bars, but we also have longer ones and smaller ones to use for many different style crossbars, whether that's your aero, round, square, elliptical, and most of the factory ones as well. These are really quick to secure down.

You just tighten up the bolts. We also have really nice tie down points with the railing along the outside edge that's going to make it easier to secure your gear. We also have a fairing at the front which is going to make that more aerodynamic and reduce wind noise and drag. Next we'll take our cover once we have that completely secured down. We're going to fit this over the top, place that in. You can replace this with a metal lock core but we're just going to use the plastic one today.

Then I like to take a flat blade screwdriver and lock that into place. Next we'll check our trunk clearance, because even though we're making room inside our vehicle by putting cargo up top, we still might need things that are in our trunk, so we want to be able to access that still. Even with this pushed back a little further we would still have plenty of room to get anything in or out, not having to worry about removing our antenna either. Like I said, this is going to be great for any kind of gear, whether that's sporting equipment, camping equipment, or luggage. You could secure it to your roof at this point until you've secured everything down. That's going to be our completed look at the Thule Canyon XT roof cargo basket, part number TH859XT, on our 2016 Dodge Dart..

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