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Thule Roof Basket Review - 2016 Honda Fit

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Review of the Thule Roof Basket on a 2016 Honda Fit

Today on our 2016 Honda Fit, we're going to be doing a test fit on the Thule Canyon XT roof mounted cargo basket. That's part #TH859XT. I've already got it loaded up just to give you a good idea of what it's going to look like. A few things to know about this cargo basket, it measures 49in long by 40in wide and 6in deep, here, at the very center. Like putting on anything on the roof of your vehicle, you always want to be sure you leave just enough room so you can still open your rear hatch. Obviously, as you could see, we're not going to have that problem by the way we have it mounted.

In order to get this mounted to your roof rack system, you need to have at least a crossbar spread between 20in and 37in. We've got somewhere around 28in, here, we're all set. The tapered design or the wedge shape that you see, here, is going to make loading and unloading easy. It's going to give your Honda Fit a nice, sleek, look. Has a tubular steel construction with 150lb weight capacity, though you'll want to be sure that the roof of your Honda Fit can handle that much. Here, in the front, we've got a fairing, so it's going to cut down on that wind noise and drag while we're on the road. I've already got 3 of the clamps installed.

Let's go ahead and do the fourth one together. Each one of our plates, here, are adjustable along the bars. You want to be sure and take a measurement of your crossbar spread and try to position them all in their correct spot before you set it on the roof. It's just going to speed up the process and make things a little bit easier. In your kit, you're going to get 3 different types of clamps to work with different crossbar widths.

You're also going to get T-bolts to work with your roof rec system that has T slot. You can choose whatever method you want to use. Once you have the right clamp, we're going to go underneath and put it up through the 2 holes. Then we're going to take 2 flat washers and put it over the top, just like that. Then our gray thumb screws, and get those started. We've got them both on there.

Go ahead and tighten those down evenly. Once you've got it nice and secure, we can go ahead and take our cover, or our cap, it's got a little hole, here, on the end. We can just line up one side, and then scoot into place. You can see how its unique design's going to cover up all our hardware, that way no one can tamper with it or remove the basket from our roof. If you like to, you can replace these plastic cores with Thule locking cores. You can pick up 4 with part #TH544. That way you can further add security to your roof basket. Now, we're ready to load up our cargo, free up space inside our vehicle, and hit the road. That's going to complete our test fit on the Thule Canyon XT roof mounted cargo basket, part #TH859XT, on our 2016 Honda Fit.

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