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Thule Roof Basket Review - 2016 Toyota Sienna

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Review of the Thule Roof Basket on a 2016 Toyota Sienna

Today on our 2016 Toyota Sienna we're doing a test fit of the Thule Canyon XT roof cargo basket. That part number is TH859XT. Now this is 49" long by 40" wide and 6" deep. It has a 150 pound weight capacity. Although it does have that weight capacity, you do want to check with your vehicle's owner's manual to make sure that your vehicle can withstand that much weight. To start off we already have one of our brackets in place back here. We've got all the other brackets in place and secured down.

We're going to show you how we secured this one in place. We'll start by climbing up here. You see we have two bolts here. Now we would undo those, loosen them up, so we can adjust our bracket up and down the length of our bars so that we can accommodate different crossbar spreads. Now we'll take our u-bolt with our washers under each thumbscrew.

We want to bring that up underneath our crossbar. Sometimes it does take having to undo one of the thumbscrews completely off. We'll make sure this one gets set in place first. Loosen up our thumbscrew just a bit. What's really great about having a roof cargo basket is that we can make room inside our vehicle for any other type of gear or even passengers if we don't have enough room.

We also have some tie down points. You'll see we have this nice railing all along the outside edge. That's going to act as great tie down points for our gear. You can find any kind of bungee or ratchet straps that you may need on our website. Now this basket does come with three different size u-bolts. It also comes with channel nuts so that you can mount it inside the weather channel if you wanted to.

Gives a little more of a flush look to the basket. You have the three different size. This one is going to be our medium-size one. Then we have one that's smaller and one that's larger. What that is for is just any type of different crossbars that you may have. We have our aero ones here, which tend to be a little thicker. Then you can also use them for round, square, elliptical, and most factory. You would just pick out which of the bolts is going to work best. To place our cover on here we're going to rotate this piece, which acts as a lock. You can also insert an actual metal lock that we have available on our website as well. It's going to be the Thule lock cores for that. Now we'll come back here. We're going to check our hatch clearance. Since we have this sitting pretty far forward, you can always move it back, but in this position, and even if we had it back a little bit, we are still going to have enough room in between our hatch door and our carrier that we don't have to worry about that making contact. Now that we have everything secured down we're ready to load up our gear and secure that as well. That's going to be our completed look at the Thule Canyon XT roof cargo basket, part number TH859XT, on our 2016 Toyoat Sienna.

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