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Thule Roof Box Review - 2018 Nissan Pathfinder

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Review of the Thule Roof Box on a 2018 Nissan Pathfinder

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Nissan Pathfinder we're going to be doing a test fit on the Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box, Part Number TH6358B. Now this roof box mounts to the roof rack of your vehicle. It allows you to store or haul any cargo, luggage, or even sports and recreational gear on top of your roof while still being enclosed. It comes in handy in times where you might not have enough space in your vehicle for all your cargo, or if your vehicle is already full of your family or other people.It has a very aerodynamic shape to it. It's going to help cut down on wind noise and drag while you're traveling. One really cool feature about this is that it has a dual-sided opening lid.

So let's walk our way over to the driver's side and we'll start over there.You get two keys to go with your box. I'll go ahead and hop up here. If you have any height restrictions, it's not a big deal to hop up on the door. We're going to insert our key and we'll turn it to unlock it, and then we can just go ahead and open it up like so. This is very ideal for if maybe the passenger side is blocked off and you have no space to be able to get up there, you can still access whatever you might have in here, or even start to pack it.

I'll close it. The locking feature is neat because it will not allow you to remove the key unless you have it properly latched and locked.Now even though this roof box is on top of our roof, the way we have it situated is not going to impede on our ability to open up our trunk. As you can see, as you open the trunk there's still plenty of space right there to where it's not going to contact. If you find that it is making contact, you are able to adjust this farther up on your roof rack.Now over here on the passenger side let's go ahead and open it up. Opening it up from the passenger side is ideal for times where if you're driving along the road, maybe the highway, and you've got to stop to make any adjustments you don't have to be on the side of oncoming traffic to make your adjustments.

You just have to work the key in there like so.Once you unlock it, we can go ahead and open it up and we're going to take a peek inside. Now we have 19 cubic feet of storage in this box. That's plenty of space to secure all types of cargo or equipment. We have four different points where it's connected to our roof rack. We have four of these quick mount clamps right here.

These are very nice and easy to install. You just have to spin this knob and you'll see the clamps start to get tighter towards each other.We have these tracks right here on the inside which adjust back and forth to help accommodate different spreads of crossbars you might have, or to be able to adjust it further up to the front of your car or towards the back.We'll go ahead and install it. We have it set up right on our crossbar. We'll just drop the clamps through the holes and we've got to click it into place on the track just like that. Then we'll begin to tighten it down. These clamps will work with many different style crossbars. It's going to work with most of our factory roof rack systems, which is what we have on our Pathfinder right now. But it's also going to work with an Thule Aero bars, square bars, or round bars.We do get a set of straps included with this box right here. We've got about three or four of them. We do have six different points in here . You can see these little tie-down points that are right here, and then we have two at the front, then two more at the back. It's going to allow you to help secure your cargo down if you don't quite have your box full, and it's also going to help to avoid shifting while you're traveling.We do also have this nice pull-down strap, so you can be on the ground and grab this strap and close it. You can pull and before you close it all the way just sneak that strap right back in there and then pull it down all the way and then lock it up and we're ready to hit the road.The finish on this box is very nice. It's kind of got this kind of graded rough material right there rather than a glossy finish. This is going to help kind of hide any scratch marks or dents that actually will occur over time the more you use your roof box.There you have it for the Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box on our 2018 Nissan Pathfinder.

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