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Thule Roof Rack Review - 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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Review of the Thule Roof Rack on a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Today on our 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, we're going to be doing a test fit of the Thule Traverse Roof Rail System. If you look up here, we do have it mounted into the gutter. This is the gutter style raised roof rack. This is going to be part number THLB58 and then the foot pack and pedestal is going to be TH300. We'll show you how it all goes together, how it looks and fits once it's complete. Again this is going to be THLB58 and this is going to be TH300. We already have one of them in place here on the end.

I'll show you how to put it on. It is really simple and easy to use. Let's turn this. I'll stick this end on. As you can see, once you tighten it down on the vehicle is when it's actually going to lock your bar in place by making it some sort of a vice.

When you clamp it down, it's going to put pressure on it and actually hold it into place. Slide it on and get it in the general vicinity of where we want it. That's going to be equal to the cross bar spread and over hang or excuse me, the over hang of our front ones. So in the general area, and then when we get up there we'll kind of critique it and get it right where it needs to be. Next, we are going to put on the little foot and clamp. This is going to be what goes underneath of your drip rail.

It actually pull down which is going to create that vice motion. You are taking and putting your bolt on the back side like so. Take and place your bracket on. Then, we'll place your wing nut or excuse me not the wing nut but the washer and then the end nut. We are going to leave that loose so that we have lots of motion with it and also note that there are end caps that you can put on your little key locks here, if you decide to get that with the kit. All right let's move that out of the way and get this put on the back of the vehicle.

I'm going to open up the back doors and set it into place. I'm going to guide it over. It should be pretty close there. Next, I'm going to get my cross bar spread which we are going to do 27.5 because that's going to fit a lot of our other applications. What I am doing is I'm just going to go from center of the bar or you can go from the edge of the bar to the edge of the bar, however you decide to do it. There's where we need to be with this side. And, right there's where we need to be with this other side. Now what we're going to do is we're going to tighten down the ends evenly. By what I mean evenly is we'll get it right underneath the edge by threading this in. We'll get that right underneath the bottom side here of your drip rail and the top of your door frame. Once it's there making contact, we'll start alternating sides that way it will tighten down evenly. I'm going to do 5 turns or 10, whatever you decide to do per side and just move back across. The last one here and then we're going to place in the end cap. It simply slides in and pushes into place just like so. Close up our doors and you are ready to hit the road with your all new Thule Traverse Roof Rack System part number THLB58 and TH300 on our 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. .