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Thule Vertex 2 Bike Hitch Rack Review

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Review of the Thule Vertex 2 Bike Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

Today were going to review part number TH9028 from Thule, the Vertex 2 hanging hitch bike rack. A few quick notes about this bicycle rack, that this will work on 1-1/4 inch receiver hitches and 2 inch receiver hitches. This bike rack will carry up to 2 racks and also comes with the anti sway cradles. The design of the bike rack itself has an arch shape to it. This helps keep the bikes away from the vehicle and also helps with lowering the bikes onto the arms. The bike rack also includes 2 Hitch Switches, one for your tilted bicycle rack and one to help fold up the arms of the rack. Well go into a little more detail. This bicycle rack will work with an inch and a quarter receiver hitch class 1 and class 2.

It will also work with class 3 receiver hitches as it includes this spacer. And for our demonstration well go ahead and install that. The bike does come with tools needed for assembly. And here we have a Hitch Switch. This allows you to fold the bicycle rack out of the way for access to the back of the car. It also includes a hand hold at the top of the post to make it easy to pick it up and move it around.

You could also grab the bike rack by the bottom too .And lets install it to the hitch and line up the hitch pin holes. Next we go ahead and install our anti rattle bolt and tighten it down. Okay well go ahead and pull back on the Hitch Switch and well tilt the bike rack out of our way and well see how it makes it easier to get into the back of the vehicle. All right, lets go ahead and use the Hitch Switch on top to unfold the arms so we can load up the bike. I wish to cover a few notes about the cradles.

The strap can be used on both sides of the cradle, and you can see there are ribs inside the cradles to allow room for cables on the bicycle. Each pair comes with an anti sway cradle to help keep the bike from moving the bike around. Well make sure the straps are all out of our way and then for demonstration purposes, were going to put the bike on the last pair. And typically when youre going down the road, you always want to load your bikes up closer to the post and then work your way back. Put our block in the cradle, balance it off it you have to and then well slide our bike over. We can rotate our anti sway cradle over to the seat post.

Were going to run our strap around it and then well go ahead and run our straps over the top tube. And a few steps our bike is already loaded up and ready to hit the road. At this point our bike is loaded up and ready to go. Lets go ahead and take it down the road and see how it performs. Part number TH9028 from Thule.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Joe M.
there are many mixed reviews of the 9028. Could you give me your take on the following: 1. the straps. Is there still a problem with them braking off? 2. the hex bolt: too short? which side? should you use a ratchet wrench, since there are comments about the bolt coming loose?3. the hitch lock: the Thule one doesnt seem to be much of a deterrent. Can you recommend an alternate solution?Thanks, Joe
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Patrick B.

We had ours in use for a couple years in our video studios and we never had an issue with the straps. That being said, there is a tendency for people to over tighten the straps. They tend to stretch them to the next hole or two every time and it is needed. It puts extra wear on the straps for no purpose. Snug, not tight, is all that's needed. The bolt never gave us issue, but we used a 1/2 inch drive ratchet with ours and got plenty of muscle on it. So long as the split-lock washer compresses, it shouldn't back out. For peace of mind, there is the lockable version that has a longer bolt that passes all the way through, part # THSTL2 . There's not a better lock specifcally for the Thule racks. Like any other lock, a saw will defeat it. The Vertex 2 has been updated and is now available as part # TH9028XT .