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Thule Vertex 4 Hitch Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Thule Vertex 4 Hitch Bike Rack

Today we are going to review part number TH9029 from Thule. This is their Vertex 4 bicycle rack. A few quick notes about this bike rack. This bike rack will hold up to 4 bikes and is convertible between an 1-1/4 inch and 2 inch trailer hitch. The hitch switch allows the arms to fold when not in use and also tilts the carrier down for rear access of the vehicle. It does come with the hold fast cradles and the no sway cages standard. At the top of the bike rack the is a built in carrying handle that makes it easy to transport the bike rack around. It also makes it easier to take it out of the vehicle and put it into the hitch. Lets go ahead and add the spacer to the stinger here, right now this is the 1-1/4 inch version. This is good for class 1 and class 2, 1-1/4 trailer hitches. However with the class 1 you are limited to just 2 bikes. Slide it over the top and we will install the bolt and the bike rack does come with included tools to do all this with.

Alright, lets go ahead and take our bike rack and install it into our hitch. After we install it into the hitch we will go ahead and line up our hitch pin hole and install our anti-rattle bolt. And the bike rack also comes with a tool to help tighten it down. With our bike rack installed we can go ahead and show off the hitch switch. Pull up on the lever and we tilt the bike rack out of the way. That will give us access to the rear of the vehicle. We will go ahead and pull the hitch switch on the top and unfold the arms. You can also see how the center post has an arch design to it to help give you a little more clearance between the bike rack and the vehicle. Also the arms have a little arch to them as well which gives you a little more clearance for loading bikes.

Next we will show you the hold fast cradles in a little more detail. You can see they have rows in them to allow room for the cables that are on your bikes. And it has a strap that can be used this direction or it can go in the opposite direction depending on how your bike is loaded up and how you need it. The cradles can be moved back and forth, and they can rotate a little bit as well. Each pair has a no sway cage, keeps the bikes from moving front to rear. Lets go ahead and load up a bike. What we are going to do is get our straps out of the way for the cradles and make sure the no sway cradle is toward the center. It makes it a little easier to load up the bike. Then we will slide the no sway cage down to the seat post.

Then we will go ahead and strap the bike to the cradle. In just these few steps our bike is loaded up and ready for transport. You can see how the bicycles cables fits nicely in the grooves in the cradle. One extra step to keep the bicycles stable on the bike rack, the bike rack also comes with a strap that you can wrap around all your bikes and to the center post of the bicycle rack. Alright, with the bikes loaded up lets take it out on the road and see how it performs. That will finish it for our review of part number TH9029 from Thule, the Vertex 4.