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Thule Xadapt12 Watersports Adapter Review

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Review of the Thule Xadapt12 Watersports Adapter

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Thule Xadapt 12 water sports adapter for AeroBlade and AeroBlade edge bars, part number THXADAPT12. This adapter kit enables you to mount either your Thule board shuttle or the Thule Portage to your AeroBlade and AeroBlade edge roof rack load bars. It does so by replacing the original hardware with the T bolts and sliding them into these slots here and then tightening them down. This comes with the tools necessary to tight this down to your vehicle as well. Now that we've gone over some of the features lets go ahead and show you how these install. We're going to install them on our Thule board shuttle. When you open up the package for the adapter kits, you're going to have four T bolts plus these four attachment points, which are going to go onto our board shuttle and fit into the T slot of your Aero bars.

Let's go ahead and show you how that's done. We'll first remove all the attachment points on our board shuttle by unscrewing these turn knows here. Removing those completely. Then we'll insert this top piece here. Then attach our T bolt underneath. Just loosely for now.

We'll repeat this for our other attachment points. With our AeroBlade load bars we'll go ahead and open up the end and going to remove the entire strip. Normally you would take it out and cut it in place to go around your actual accessories but for today's purposes, we'll just take the whole thing out. Then we'll take our T bolt here, line it up, slide them into place. Now once you have them where you want them, we'll take our included Allen tool here. Just go ahead and start tightening down the bolt.

We'll repeat this on the other side. Now we'll go ahead and repeat this for our rear AeroBlade bar. With our accessory installed in the T track, now we're ready to load up our gear and hit the road. There you have it for the Thule Xadapt 12 water sports adapter for AeroBlade and AeroBlade edge bars, part number THXADAPT12.

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