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Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System Installation - Teardrop Trailer

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How to Install the Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension System on a Teardrop Trailer

What's going on guys, Adam here with etrailer. Today we have a overlanding teardrop trailer and what we're going to be taking a look at is the suspension. So with overlanding trailers, you'd never really know where you're going to go. So with the axle suspension, we're going to get about four inches of lift, Timbren makes it, and it's going to be kind of the best way to get off grid without having to lose any ground clearance or anything like that. With the axle suspension, it's going to give us a lot of lift and the cool thing about this system, so there's a lot of different 2000 pound axle suspension kits that we have here in the etrailer. But the one we grabbed is the most beefiest of all of them.

The way, the reason why I say that is there's two different kinds: one's going to be allowed to have about 2000 pound brake systems, but we went one step up. So this system's going to be able to use 3,500 pound brake systems. So if we're out in Colorado, there's a lot of Hills and stuff you want to make sure you have enough breaks to get it to stop, so your brakes don't overheat, and that's just not really the best. So it's going to be good on your vehicle brakes, and also these brakes are gonna last a little bit longer. And also with the spindles are a little bit longer, so we can get a big beefy tire in there.

You saw on the other side, how big the tire was. So just to give you an idea, like it's a small trailer, very small trailer, that's a teardrops x4, very compact, but look at this tire. So with this setup, with the HDs, we are going to be able to get these big beefy tires on there. So we can go pretty much wherever we want to. Since we did go with the beefier set, we're not affecting our ride quality, just cause it's still is a 2000 pound axle set and our trailer is 2000 pounds.

So what that really means is if we we're to go to with the 3,500 pound axle suspension system, these little bumpers right here, that's our suspension basically. Those would be a little bit too thick, but since this is still 2000 pound axle kits, just the beefiest one, this isn't going to be too stiff and we're not going to have a poor riding experience. So it's not going to be sitting there kind of just hopping on the road behind your vehicle. When installing this, all you really need to do is kind of just figure out where your axle is already. If you're starting from scratch, basically just go from where your wheel wells are.

We want to have the spindle in the middle, and then we are going to have to drill holes through our frame and the hardware is included. So figure out where you're axle is, drill those holes, measure twice, drill once, and then just go ahead and install it. Here's the other side of our bolts. So they're perfect size. We just drill the hole, put it through and then put a washer and nylon lock nut on there. And again, that's included, but this little bar right here is not included with the kit, so we added this separately. And what this bar is really going to do whenever we're on uneven terrain, It's just going to link these two tires together. So the whole trailer doesn't flex as much. Every trailer's going to flex, but if we can limit that, and especially with an axle suspension, you really want to have this bar. All you have to do is go to your local hardware store and grab a two inch by two inch square tube. Make sure it's steel, and you're going to have to weld it into the sides over there. So make sure you have somebody who can do that. But this is kind of something you want to do while you're installing it, because if they're already installed, we really want them to go all the way through the whole entire suspension system. So you really want to put that bar on, lift it up, hold it up there with like a Jack like this and then drill them through. And then you can go ahead and weld it, and once it's all connected, but kinda all needs to happen at the same time. And whenever you're welding this, you can really use whatever, you can use a mag, a tag, or even just a simple stick welder will do the job. One's going to be prettier than the other, but not a lot of people are going to see it. So all you really want to do is just make sure it's nice and strong. There's a lot of benefits to an axle suspension. One: We don't have to figure out what length axle that we need for the trailer. So if you're building a custom trailer and it's not necessarily the industry standard, or if you just have a smaller one like this, or if you just don't really want to do those measurements and you want to reap the benefits of the axle suspension, we're going to get bigger tires on here. And if you go with the HD and we are going to get a lot more ground clearance. Another thing, it's a lot quieter than a normal axle, just because there's a lot less components spinning around. So it's going to be a little bit quieter of a ride. So if you're building something like this, or if you just have some little enclosed trailer or utility trailer, you could do it for any of your trailers, just make sure you grab the right kit. And we have a lot of kits on our website for you guys to choose from. So, this is our rig. That's what we use. And I hope this helped..

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