Titan Chain Diamond LT Alloy Snow Tire Chains Review

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Review of the Titan Chain Diamond LT Alloy Snow Tire Chains

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Titan Chain Diamond LT snow tire chain. It's going to be the square link style, part number TC2324. These are manganese, nickel, alloy square link. As you can see each link here is going to create a nice biting edge to grip into the snow and ice. These are intended for highway use only, not off-road use, rated for speeds up to 30 miles per hour. These come with a 30-day limited warranty from the manufacturer. These is an SAE S-class so it can be used with minimal clearance availability and the original equipment tires with highway tread.

This is going to be on a 31105015 tire. See here's our built-in tensioner. It's got a hook on the end and you'll see where we'll use that later as we loop it around. That's a nice having it built into the system already. As you can see here it's got the diamond pattern. This is going to give us excellent traction in the snow.

They cross over the treads both vertically and horizontally here. They're going to come in this case, easy to transport, tucked out of the way inside your car there. If you open it up, we'll see we got a set of two chains-one kept separate on each side of the carrier for you. I'll go ahead and lay one out here ready for use. We're going to lay it out flat, get out any twisted tangles we might have. Now, we'll take our tire chain and slide it around the back side here of our tire.

We're going to grab it on the other side so we'll let it loop around. We'll bring our connectors up here, place it in, slide it out to lock it into place. Let that go back on that side a little bit and we'll bring our chains up and around. Now, we're going to want to connect the green end with one of the last loops here, get that connected in right there. I'm just going to keep working around here, get that wrapped around our tire. We've got our hook.

We want to make sure our hooks stays outwards that's why we put in that green end first and we'll bring our gray chain and clear out the tensioner here. I'm going to pull forward on it, get out any slack you might have in there. Put the tensioner here through the loop and through the second loop. Pull it right up there and get it clipped into place. Let's see if we got it nice and tight there. With our chain tightened up, we'll go out and hit the road, see how they look in action. That will complete our look at the Titan Chain Diamond LT part number TC2324.

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