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Titan Chain RA1 Rubber Tire Chain Adjuster Review

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Review of the Titan Chain RA1 Rubber Tire Chain Adjuster

AJ: What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today we're going to be checking out this rubber tensioner for your tire chains. Now it's from Titan Chains. And it's going to go on your tire chains, excuse me, to help tighten them up. Without this.. I'll take it off and show you.

Without this, the chains hang on there loosely and you won't want to drive like that. And it's recommended that these styles of chains have these tensioners because of what I'm about to show you. So without the tensioner, you see how loose it is on there. You don't really want that while you're driving down the road. It could cause issues.

Maybe just even hitting your rims or something like that. You add this tensioner on here and this band pulls the chains towards the center and pulls them tighter across the tire all around. Now you can see that difference. I can barely move the chains on there now with all the tension.Now they come in a few different sizes. This one's for cars.

There's one for light trucks and heavy trucks. So make sure you get the right tensioner for the right chains. Now I'm going to compare it to another style of rubber adjuster. You can see that they're very different. This one has a metal ring in the center and it has six rubber arms that come out from there.

There's pros and cons of that. I like that the hook is attached on these so you can't take the hook off. And I like that there's six arms on this one. This would spread this out and make it more evenly if it just had one more of those clips.So it's not a big deal. It's not going to affect the way it works, but just looking at it I just would like this part to be hooked up there just for my own sake. But the other things is one of these arms can break. We use these a lot when we're doing tire chains. It probably won't happen to you. You won't use them and put them through as much as we do because we do lots of tire chains every day. But I've seen one of the arms snap before. So I don't know. I think this one might be better with that aspect over the longterm in the cold.But things you have to worry about is losing one of these clips because they can come off. And if you lose one, I don't know how easy it would be to find one of these at a hardware store or something like that. This is all included and attached like I said. So that's easier to just throw this in the back of your vehicle and have it all together rather than throw this back there. And then, you'll be missing pieces when you really need it. Although it does its job just fine and holds these chains nice and tight because you can't be going down the road with droopy chains. It's not going to be good for your vehicle or for your ride. Well, thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helped.

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