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Toledo Replacement Shock Absorber Installation

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How to Install the Toledo Replacement Shock Absorber

Today we'll be taking a look at the Toledo Replacement Shock Absorbers, for Toledo Brake Actuators. Part number, 1844-2. Now with the old shock you can tell that it's worn out by looking at the bushings for one, 'cause they're all cracked and corroded, as well as it really doesn't function the way it should and have the pressure that it should either. It's going to be really spongy and not really work the way they should. Let's go ahead and look at how it operates when it's new. Now us putting pressure on there, you can see how it has a lot of resistance and it isn't going to be really spongy, like it was before, so this will actually actuate those brakes a lot quicker and a lot more efficiently then that burned out shock would. Well the first thing we're going to have to do in the instillation of our shock, is go ahead and remove the shock and the hanger for the receiver that's holding it in place. We're going to lube up, the 2 nuts right here on the bottom, as well as on the other side over here, and the bolt that hangs the rear of the shock here on the back. Now we're going to pull off this last one here and drop down the receiver and the shock.

You can see that shocks completely blown out, but the bushing is completely shot. Now we're going to go ahead and pull out this bolt here, so I'll spray it down and pull it off while we use the same hardware. Put the new one in place. Place the bolt in and tighten it back down. Now let's go ahead and get it back into place. Go ahead and slide our bolt through and then out the other side.

We reattach our nut and tighten it down. Now we'll raise the front back up into position. Go ahead and knock these out a little bit, just to give us a little extra room to work, and lift it up into place. All right with that side back on let's go ahead and put our plates back on the outside, and place all of our nuts back on. And that will do it for the Toledo Replacement Shock Absorbers, for Toledo Brake Actuators. Part number 1844-2. (Video Information:, expert service, lowest prices, fast shipping.


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