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Topline Truck Bed Mounted Expandable Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Topline Truck Bed Mounted Expandable Bike Rack

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Topline Truck Bed Mountain Bike Racks. Available as a single or all the way up to a four-bike capacity rack. The part number we're using today is UG2500. This is the two-bike version. At the end of our main arm, at our first bike, we have a fully-articulating hand, that allows us to connect into the seat post or also onto the top frame tube of our bike. It's rubber padded on the inside, it's going to give us the protection that we need for our bikes, we're not going to get any kind of scuffs or scratches. Each of our arms are going to be a full aluminum arm, it's going to keep it nice and lightweight, but also stay very corrosion resistant, that way it's going to look good for a long time. The rack is designed to clamp right onto the bed rail of our pickup truck.

Just right underneath there has an eye bolt here that helps to hold this in place but also gives us a great connection point for our 74-inch long security cable. As you can see it comes with the rack, can easily be fed through our two bikes here, come back and make a connection point, securing both our frames and our tires to our truck. Now this is the two-bike setup, so we're going to have our one main long-arm and then we have an addition arm here in the middle. Now this is a two-bike rack, as you can see it's holding two-bikes, another one of this would then turn it into a three-bike and then one more of those would turn it into a four-bike for us. Giving us a lot of room to expand our rack based on our needs. Now that we've gone over the features, let me show you how to get this installed, as you can see we've got the large eye bolt here, we just want to loosen that up, that's going to allow what they call our clamp to come out. We want this to be loosen up to slide underneath the bed rail of our pick-up. You can see it's got a nice angle back so it's going to get a good grip on just that lip area.

We'll bring it up around the underside of the bed there, as you can see that's going to slide in right there and butt in nicely right up against the edge. Now, we do have our rubber gasket, now our rubber gasket should be installed right up here in the corner, just pull the tape off the back, stick it right into position. That helps it get a good grab on our bed rails. Once we've got it in position here, where we want it on our rail, we'll tighten up one of our nuts just a little bit there, to give us a little bit of space, and then we'll tighten our eye bolt down. We'll feel that make a good connection. Tighten an eye bolt down and then we need to run our second nut right down against that one and tighten it down. Tighten that down just slightly to make it a good solid jam nut, right up on there, it's holding in place great.

We're now going to grab our longer curved piece, slide that right into position here, andt hen we can tighten down that rack T handle slightly just to hold it in place for now. Then we can load up our bike, we'll undo the black, large black wing nut here, or knob, allow that to tilt down the way, and that will allow us to open up our clamp. We have our bike here in the bed of the truck, we're just going to bring it and fit this right around the seat post, what's great about this rack is whether you're securing it to the top frame to there or the seat post, it doesn't matter. You've got your options, the clamp is designed to fit a bar that's up to an inch and a half in diameter, so you want to keep that in mind, a lot of times, this tube is going to be a little bit wider than that so the seat post is going to be here in your top option there. Now we'll just tighten down the large nut here. Until that gets good firm hold on our bike. We're also going to take this opportunity to secure our front tire, this should be in the forward position, where just our rear tire, so we've got the weight sitting directly down. The strap will come up through the metal.

Back down or outside there. Let's give that a tug to secure it. Hold everything nice and steady as we're heading down the road. Now for loading of the second bike, we're bringing our add-on, open the clamp just like we did on the first one, put it around and then tighten it down around the seat too. While we're doing that, we can be loosening our other clamp up on the other end of our extension. With that nice and secure, let's grab our other bike. Now we'll just bring our clamp around our seat tube here on the second bike. Then just tighten it down after we slide that t-bolt back into the slot. Right, again just like the first bike we're going to secure it. Let's bringing our strap around the front tire, around the frame of the bike, and then around on the tag end through the end of the strap. Tighten that down. We've got our bikes loaded up. Now let's go ahead and secure these. Now our bike rack does come with a cable lock. Easy to use, as you can see it's a self coiling style, so when it's not in use, it's nice and Compact. What we'll do is just stretch our cable out here. Going to go around the frames of our bike that you choose, you can go down through the rims. Those are usually pretty expensive on these bikes, so good to secure that and we'll just bring the ends together, clip them in and we're set and ready to head down the road. Good shape, as you can see. Nice and solid. The bikes aren't going to be going anywhere. Let's go out and see how it fairs as we go through our test course. We'll start by doing this slow, this is going to show you the side to side movement of the rack, just like if we we're changing lanes or maybe doing some evasive maneuvers. Once we make our way around the corner, we'll get into a series of alternating speed bumps, this is going to show us really good twisting and torquing action. We'll now get into the solid speed bumps. This is going to simulate a big bump in the road or maybe entering and exiting a parking garage, a parking lot or maybe a driver way. That'll complete today's look at the Topline Truck Bed Mounted Two-bike rack. Part number UG2500, also available on a one-bike, three-bike and a four-bike. .