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TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Steps Review

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Review of the TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Steps

Today we'll be taking a look at the Torque Lift Glowstep Revolution Scissor Steps with landing gear. Now, what sets these apart from other manufacturers' steps, or the factory steps on your fifth wheel, or your travel trailer, is that these offer the ultimate in stability and security and safety, for when you're traveling up them into your trailer. Now, we're getting this extra stability and safety because our steps are making contact with the ground with our built-in landing gear, right here. The main reason the factory steps are lacking on most fifth wheels or travel trailers is that we don't have a landing gear here that makes our bottom step have contact with the ground. That makes it very unstable when we're getting in and out of the trailer. When you initially step on your factory ones that don't have them, you can see how much they move and how unstable they are. I'm not a big guy. You can see that I'm getting about two inches deflection just stepping on to them. Now, our landing gear have five settings to adjust for uneven terrain.

We can adjust these independently from each other. Between our five holes, from the bottom one, all the way to the top one, we have a total adjustment range of 3". To adjust, simply push on the pin and pull on down until you get the proper height setting that you need. To go on up, it's the same way. Push and push it on up. Now, these steps, being manufactured out of a lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum, they are extremely easy to handle, maneuver, put in and out of the stored position.

Also, they are extremely rust-resistant. Simply lift up on the bottom step and start pushing it on in. Use your knees, or your thigh to help raise it. Lift up on the latch. Push on in. Slides in place and locks on down.

Then, we take our pin to secure it so our latch mechanism cannot be moved and our steps are fully stored inside the RV. By simply pulling the pin, lifting up the handle and pulling out by the top step, it comes on out. Then, you grab it by the bottom, pull it on out, sit it down on the ground. When we we're referring to the adjustable base, that refers to our top step here. There are three settings. We have our low setting here. Our medium setting there.

Our high setting here. To make life even safer, when night falls on our campground, our steps have two glow-in-the-dark corners on each step, which will glow for up to ten hours with only five minutes of sun exposure. Each one of our steps has this built-in sure-grip traction surface. So, if we have wet feet, we don't have to worry about slipping on our steps. Now, we'll measure our steps to see how big they are. Looking at 22 1/2" wide by 8" deep. That gives us plenty of surface area to easily and safely walk up and down the steps. These steps are rated up to 350 pounds, depending on your model. These are a great replacement for your old, unstable, factory steps. You will have to unbolt those. Then, bolt your new Glowsteps in place. That completes our look at the torque lift Glowstep Revolution Scissor Steps with landing gear.

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