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Tow-Rax Removable Wheel Chock Review

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Review of the Tow-Rax Removable Wheel Chock

Hello everyone. Andy here with And today we're going to take a look at the Tow-Rax removable wheel chock. So with the tubular design it is going to be coated in chrome as well. So not only is it going to be very sturdy, depending on whatever bike you're moving in here and getting everything strapped down, but it is going to be corrosion resistant with that chrome coating on it. Now it is going to be 11 and 11/16" long and 3/8" wide and 8-1/2" tall.

So just be mindful. But one thing that is really nice is having those three points for the mounting system. It's easy to slide these through the key hole and get it removed. So if you need to do a load or haul anything else in your trailer, this isn't going to obstruct anything.So as you can see here, we have a dirt bike loaded. It does have a little bit on a narrow side front tire, but this wheel chock will accommodate up to 6-1/2" wide for tire size.

As far as the installation let's take a look at that now. As for overall a couple of my final thoughts are, I like it how kind of compacted it is as far as size, it really does its job to keep the bike secured in here and being able to accommodate up to those wider tire sizes is going to be great. Also the ease of installation, but just the removal process to get out of the way is going to be probably the key feature for me.So what we're going to do first now that we have everything kind of eyeballed and lined up, making sure that it is straight and placed where we want it to be secured and fastened down. I'm going to take just a Sharpie and at the small part of the key hole here, just kind of make a circle, keeping everything centered still and not moving the wheel chalk marking it here. And this is where we're gonna drill the holes in order to mount our brackets.

So since we have a wood floor in our trailer here, we're using a 7/16 bit in order to get the holes drilled and that way we can get our mounting plates secure. So let's go ahead and do so for each three contact points.So now since our mounting plate does have threads in order to get secured into the wood, we're going to use our 5/16 Allen key and start to thread this mounting bracket into our floor. And we're just going to continue so until it's completely flush. So now that we have all three of those set in the place, I'm just going to double check and make sure that our holes and everything line up good. And now since the wheel chock will be having pressure with the motorcycle pushing this way, we want to make sure that the small part of that key hole is going to be going away from the pressure and we're all lined up.

And now we can go ahead and get our set screws in place to make sure that our mounting brackets are secured to our four.So we have a bolt and a nut here that is nylon locked. So these bolts are going to be the ones that get fed through our mounting plate. And the nylon bolt is going to be going through the bottom of the trailer. Now, what you'll want to do is grab a drill bit that fits perfectly through these mounting holes. And we're going to just go ahead and drill holes through and get our bolts secured down. Now we can go ahead and drill through our mounting holes all the way through the floor.We're going to do that for all three holes on our mounting plate and do that all the way around for all of the mounting brackets. All right, so we're going to go ahead and take our provided bolts and luckily these are a very nice tight threaded fit with our mounting brackets. So you don't need an extra set of hands. You can do this solo. So when we go underneath the trailer, we'll be able to tighten our bolts down without anybody holding these up top. So let's go ahead and get these placed. Now we can go underneath the trailer and go ahead and secure our washer and our nylon bolt down. So now that we have our mounting plates completely secured down and bolted, we can go ahead and just finger tightly put our hardware in place. And from there, we can go ahead and put on our wheel chock and slide it through the keyhole.And then go ahead and secure down all three bolts with your 3/16 Allen key. So whenever you're not hauling a motorcycle, you can go ahead and just loosen your hardware a little bit and slide your wheel chock and off out of the way. And one thing that's really nice about this is once you remove these bolts, it has a very streamline and will fit to the ground. That way you're not worried about tripping over anything. So as you can see, this wheel chock gives us a nice, solid stop here with our front wheel. Let's go ahead and get this thing strapped down. So we are using shock straps here on the front. It gives us a little bit of extra cushion whenever we're driving down the road. Also, it has a nice soft loop here that way it's not making any contact with our handlebars or any part of the bike here. So now that we've got everything strapped down and secure, let's go ahead and hit the road. So that's going to do it for a look at our Tow-Rax removable wheel chock.

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