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Tow Ready 2 inch Trailer Hitch Extender Review

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Review of the Tow Ready 2 inch Trailer Hitch Extender

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Today we're going to be taking a look at an eight inch hitch extender from Tow Ready. Essentially these are designed to buy extra space, whether we've got an overhanging spare tire, maybe we've got an in bed camper, that overhangs just a little bit. Whatever your need might be, this is going to take your pinhole from its current location, moves it back eight inches, so we can get plenty of room to use our items appropriately. Here's an example of one of the many ways the hitch extender is going to come in handy. With our spare tire on the back of our Jeep, our bike rack does not want to slide in and engage.

The pinholes just don't line up. Getting that extender is going to get that pinhole back a little bit further. It's going to allow us to utilize our rack not only in its platform position, but also when we fold it up.Now, this is also going to come in handy if your hitch or your receiver tube opening is kind of back underneath your bumper a little bit. Now, from the center of our hitch pinhole, to the center of our new hitch pinhole, we're picking up eight inches. That's going to get our items eight inches further back.

We'll secure it using a standard five-eighths pin and clip, but you will notice the shank is hollow. If you wanted to put an anti-rattle bolt in there, or an anti-rattle device, you wouldn't have any issues with that. When using bike racks or cargo carriers, we do recommend it. For towing applications, it might not be so important. Now as far as installation, this is going to install like any class three accessory when I slide it in, get our pinholes lined up, and we'll secure it with a pin and clip.

Now the pin and clip is not provided, so you will want to supply your own.Now, the overall construction is really nice. You get the black powder coat finish on it, so it should last for a very long time. You're going to notice in the side, we've got two pinholes, we've got a larger one, there's a smaller one here close to the back. We only want to use the one closer to the front, it's the larger five-eighths diameter pinhole. You'll notice there's plenty of room on either side, so whether you're just going to use a pin and clip, maybe a locking hitch pin or anti-rattle device, really shouldn't have any issues.

The second pinhole is for use with the J-Pin stabilization system. Just something that Draw-Tite offers that'll actually, as you tighten it down, it goes in and puts pressure on your item to keep it from moving around. Now we'll slide our rack in with our extender installed. As you can see, there's plenty of room here, we've got really good clearance. We can have our bike rack in the stored position or in the platform position. We won't have to remove any peddles off our bikes or worry about the handle bars hitting.We do recommend the use of an anti-rattle device with this product with accessories. You see this bike rack has an anti-rattle device here. That keeps this connection point nice and solid. You can see no movement there. We are getting some out of this forward connection point. Now, regardless of whether you're going to use the extension for bike racks and accessories, or you're going to use it for towing, there's a few things you need to keep in mind as far as weight ratings. The extension itself is going to give you a 300 pound ton weight rating, so that's the maximum downward force we can put on it. It gives you a 3,500 pound gross trailer weight rating. Total weight of your trailer and anything that you might load up on it. The other measurement, the other weight rating we need to keep in mind, is that when we install our extender, it reduces our hitches capacity by half. We're either going to go off half that ton weight of the hitch, or the 300, or we're going to go off the half the gross trailer weight of our hitch, or the 3,500.The Tow Ready Extender also receives really good reviews. It's like Fritz, he said, "My bike rack did not fit because of the spare tire, this extension piece lets my rack fit and work properly. I can now open the tailgate and keep the bikes on the rack, it's awesome!" That's going to complete our look at the Tow Ready eight inch Hitch Extender.

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