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TracRac G2 Sliding Ladder Rack Review

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Review of a TracRac Sliding Ladder Rack

Today we are going to do a quick over view of the Tracrac G2 Slider Rack on a 2005 Ford F150. It is part number ta21000-02. The Tracrac G2 uses a set of base rails that attach to the top of the bed rails on your truck. On top of the base rails we have our uprights and crossbars that attach to the base rails and slide along. To slide the Tracrac and reposition it, all we have to do is loosen the hand knob, and the uprights and crossbar slide right along our rails. That we can set it at whatever spread we need to for whatever ladders or material we are hauling.

Once you have your position, all you have to do is tighten down the hand knob and youre ready to go. On each of the four uprights you will find this large tie down cleat. You will find theres enough space to hook in ratchet straps, or you could tie rope to help you secure whatever load you are carrying. On top of the load bars is a slotted track system that runs the entire length. Included with the G2 is a set of load stops.

Molded into the load stop is a tie down loop that you could use with rope or ratchet straps again to help secure whatever load you got on top of the rack system. Again you will loosen the hand knob and you can slide the load stop anywhere along the load bar to help you secure your cargo, and then you will tighten it down with a hand knob. One of the best features of the Tracrac systems are all the accessories that are available to help you further utilize your system. There are plenty of attachments that will go inside the base rail or up in the slots on top to help you secure loads. Theres load stops, anchor points, even ratchet straps that are designed to specifically fit the Tracrac systems.

And that is it for our Tracrac G2 Slider overview, part number ta2100-02.



Is this compatible with bak flip tri fold lid mx4 Is already installed in truck!!

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


Typically, this style of ladder racks with the truck rail mounting system are more accommodating to be used in conjunction with tonneau covers. Since the ladder rack mounts on top of the truck rail system or used the existing stake pocket locations then tonneau covers that install inside the bed rails of the truck then they can usually be used together. HOwever, a consideration for use with your Bak Flip tonneau cover is the height of the tonneau when in the folded position. The ladder rack may not have enough vertical clearance to allow your tonneau cover to fold/flip as it is intended to, and the corner braces interfere with the folding option of your Bak Flip to. This particular TrackRac ladder rack is discontinued, but please feel free to use our fit guide to find the correct ladder rack system for your application.