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TracRac TracONE Ladder Racks Review - 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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Review of the TracRac TracONE Ladder Racks on a 2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Today on our 2016 Ford F-250 we are doing a test fit of the TracRac Track One Ladder Rack system, part number ta27000-01. Now we already have our front half of our ladder rack secured down. we've got our driver side of our back rack, back part of our rack secured down. So we are just going to show you our passenger side over here. Now we are going to take our first clamp. We are just going to fit that all the way to the edge, then we are going to take our wing nut and place that on top of our bolt down there.

Now I like to just tighten down with my hand to start off. With that as tight as I can get it, I'm taking my 7/32" ratchet and just tightening that down the rest of the way. What that's going to do is push that nut up against the inside and secure our clamp into place which is going to secure our ladder rack. And then we will take our second one and place it along the outer edge here with our wing nut again. Now this is adjustable, the ladder rack itself is adjustable with two bolts up at the top here. You just loosen those and you can adjust the ladder rack as far as you need to.

We also have stops here at the top on either side. Which can be used as stops, and as tie down points and you can also use your T-rack accessories on your ladder rack as well. So its going to include any type of bike rack that you have. And with that secure your ready to load up all of your gear. And that's going to conclude our look at the TracRac Tack One Ladder Rack system part number ta7000-01 on our 2016 Ford F-250..