TruXedo Deuce 2 Soft Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the TruXedo Deuce 2 Soft Tonneau Cover

Andy: Hello everyone. I'm Andy and today we're going to take a look at the TruXedo Deuce 2 Soft Tonneau Cover here at If you're a truck owner and you're looking for an easy installed, very versatile tonneau cover, this would be a great choice for you. Now let's take a look at the vinyl cover that we have on this tonneau cover. As you can see, it is a very durable, very sturdy. There are two support bars that run throughout.

Now we don't recommend sitting or standing on the top of this. It is strictly to protect any type of valuable equipment or a toolbox let's say that you might have in your truck bed. So now we're going to take a look at some of those features. We will let down our tailgate and there is a latch located here that will relieve the back portion here. And from there, we can go ahead and roll up the cover all the way to our bed here.Having these support bars is nice because it keeps the rest of the cover stable when you are folding it.

And also now you can see, I have plenty of room. If I was hauling any type of longer items furniture, wood, whatever it be, you have plenty of room and this rolls up nicely. There are straps here as well to secure that from moving as you're driving. The finish on the rail system is a nice and high quality. It will hold up for a long time.

The durability of it, it's very sturdy. And as you can see here, this is our hinge point whenever it comes to having the fold-up option, just be aware whenever you are folding it up or you're rolling the tonneau cover back into the flat position, then nothing is obstructing that in order to get in the way if you we're to access with it folded up.And if you do not have the provided track system from the factory, these same clamps will work when it comes to mounting the rails on your truck. With the tonneau cover in the rolled up position here, you can see where there is the mounting point to access the flip-up option. There is a lever on the backside of the cover closest to the window. And whenever you move that you'll see that it pivots and that will allow you to fold up the cover and access the back portion of the bed here.

Now, if you we're going to access the locking mechanism to prevent the levers from moving, if somebody was to try and access this back portion, you would want to do so with the tonneau cover rolled up. That'll allow you to make that adjustment to the lock knob.Now to access this back portion and fold it up if you happen to have a toolbox or anything, you're going to move the latches that are near the window towards the passenger side. And from there, you can lift up and then fold the cover back. Now you have all this space and room here, whether it's a toolbox or any other type of equipment, you're able to get that in and out of the bed. Now with it in the folded position, here is something I wouldn't recommend when you are driving down the road, you have the possibility for the cover to get pulled off, might cause some damage to your vehicle or to other vehicles as well. The nice thing about this cover is having this seal here to protect anything from the elements that will be in the bed. Also, it does come with a impact pad here when it comes to loading your tailgate into the upright position. Make sure you use our fit guide when it comes to finding the specific size for your specific truck. They all will look like this whenever they are finally installed. This cover is going to be very easy to use whenever you are by yourself. When it comes to rolling it up, everything seems to roll very evenly even with the two support bars. As you can see that rolls nicely and evenly on both sides of the truck bed.Now the TonneauMate Toolbox that we have here is a great match with our tonneau cover. We weren't able to use it with this vehicle since it does have the OEM toolboxes already installed, but this would be a great match with this cover. With that being said, the overall installation process was very straightforward and very easy with minimal tools needed. It does have a very nice sleek look and finish to it. If you happen to have anything of value that you want to protect from the elements or have that option of versatility when it comes to moving taller or larger items, this is going to be a great option for your truck. One of the benefits of having the soft tonneau cover instead of let's say a harder one that folds up or lifts up, you will benefit from seeing out of the back glass.So you have full access and view from your rear view mirror. Also when it moves into the role up position it sits on top of the bed, that still does allow you to have that rear view through your glass with allowing you to have maximum bed space when it comes to hauling any equipment or gear. So if you're trying to decide between a hard cover or a soft cover, some of the benefits with the soft option is going to be whenever it is rolled up, and if you're hauling or storing anything in your bed, you are going to have the most view from your rear view when it comes to anything behind your vehicle, as well as maximizing your bed space. Everything will be stored on the top. Now, if you have a retractable one, sometimes there's a canister that's in the bed and that could obstruct with anything that you're trying to load or unload.Okay. So overall, some of my final thoughts about this tonneau cover are, I like the option of it just rolling up or folding up. It gives me a little bit more versatility than let's say a structured or a solid tonneau cover that way I can access anything that I might have in the back. It's also very easy to use if since I'm by myself most of the time, using the latches is very easy because it works on just one side for both of them or when it comes to rolling it up, I can do that so well as well. The other thing that I like about this tonneau cover is the vinyl top. It's going to protect everything that I have that's in the bed from the elements. And it's also going to be very easy to keep clean. I can either wipe it off or hose it off, whichever one that I would prefer. And that was a look at the TruXedo Deuce 2 Soft Tonneau Cover. I'm Andy. Thank you and have a great day.

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