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Ultra-Fab Chock and Lock Wheel Stabilizers Review

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Review of the Ultra-Fab Chock and Lock Wheel Stabilizers

Randy: Hey guys, Randy here at Today we're taking a look at the Ultra-Fab line of the Chock and Lock. This is going to be a wheel stabilizer, it's designed for use with tandem, triple, or quad axle trailers. It expands in between the wheels to give us almost a counter rotational force. So as the trailer tries to go forward, this wants to go down, that wants to go up, this won't allow that. So any of that forward and back movement that we traditionally get is going to be eliminated.Before we install the Chock and Lock, we'll give you an example of the movement.

You're not going to see these installed on utility trailers like this very often, but it gives us a realistic idea of how a little bit of movement on your trailer, and your camper, especially, can kind of translate all over the trailer. Just by moving a little bit, kind of back and forth, you can really see those tires shifting forward and back.Now we'll do it with the chock installed. As you can see, that same amount of weight shifting forward and back, we're not getting the movement we had before.These are going to come in really handy for your enclosed trailers, if you walk around inside of them and you don't like that movement, but also for campers, gooseneck trailers, fifth wheel trailers, where we just want to keep everything locked out nice and solid. These can be used in addition to your regular scissor stabilizers and eliminate a lot of that movement that we still have inside of those campers.We have really nice heavy duty construction, just the feel of everything is nice and strong. Then it's all going to be coated with a clear zinc finish, so we shouldn't have to worry about corrosion and things like that for a very long time.The Chock and Lock is going to be available in two sizes, just depending on the spacing you have between your tires.

The smaller one's going to work up to 5-1/4 inches worth of gap. The larger version, when expanded, will go all the way out to a 10-1/4 inch gap between your tires.For the 5-1/4 inch version, you can purchase that just individually or by the pair. For the 10-1/4 inch version, it's sold individually, so you'll want to pick up the number that you're going to need for your application.The installation process is going to be really simple. You have one initial set-up step that you want to take. Basically, what we want to do is expand the chock out so it's meeting both of our tires, then we're going to run the nylon lock nut that lives on this threaded rod, or on this bolt, down.

Once we have that initial adjustment done, that's not something we'll have to change again, unless the gap between our tires change. Then we can press down on our handle here, that's going to have it engage nicely, as you can see, holding on really secure.Additionally, the lock portion, you can see there's a hole right here. We can pass through a 5/16 inch lock, lock that on there, and we won't have to worry about anybody disengaging our handle.That'll complete our look at the Ultra-Fab Chock and Lock wheel stabilizers.

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