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Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack Review

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Review of the Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack

What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today we're be checking out the Ultra-Fab A-frame electric trailer jack. We've got installed on the front of our enclosed trailer here and you're gonna be able to go up and down with it automatically no more hand cranking or anything like that. You also got a sidelight just illuminate and help you out in the dark. 'Cause you know, sometimes it's hard enough to see everything around here and hold a flashlight.

You can easily push that button get that light and see what's going on. Let's check it out. The Ultra-Fab electric jack is gonna have a weight capacity of 3,500 pounds. And then with it fully lowered and the trailer in it's max heights with the foot plate and its lowest position. So that's the hole that gives it the most extension.

It's gonna have a height of 32 and three quarter inches. Now, if you look at the foot and you retract it in and the jack is lowered so the trailer is lower to the ground. It's gonna go with a minimum height of nine and a quarter inches which is gonna give you 23 half inches of travel. Take a look at how it mounts it's gonna have three inches of space in between the holes that you mount to your trailer. So you can measure that out make sure it's gonna work with her.

And you have two mounting options as well. Now we've put it towards the vehicle. Some people that doesn't work for because their tailgate comes out and it'll hit this. This sticks out just a little bit. So if you're worried about your tailgate making contact here you can mount it with it facing the driver's side.

So we'll just turn it this way and face that way. Then you could have a little bit more room to lower that tailgate. Looking at the tube here on the bottom, the outer tube which is gonna be the black portion here is gonna be two and a quarter inch diameter. Then we have the silver tube is gonna be the inner tube and this is gonna be about two inch in diameter. So what that means is you wanna make sure if you wanna switch out your accessory maybe want a little bit more of a pad or get a rectangle pad that has a bigger footprint. Make sure it fits in the diameter so that's gonna be that two inch tube. Another nice feature I mentioned towards the beginning was the lights on the side. You got the button on the back. You can push that. Turns those on. It's nice for if you have no lights, it's night you're gonna back up to the truck. This at least is gonna give you something to see while you're backing up. Or if you just need to hit this button to kind of illuminate this area at night maybe you're hooking up the safety chain or throwing a latch or anything like that. Any light's gonna help you out in those dark situations. Look at the top. Something I always like to see on these electric jacks remove that plug, you can see you can use this manually. So just in case the power comes unplugged and you can't do anything about that you can still raise or lower it. If you need to, it comes with the socket that you need. It fits right on there. So you just get it, put it on a ratchet put into place and you can see, I can raise the trailer with this tool instead of relying on electricity, just in case of emergency. Take a look here towards the base there's a rubber band on here and what this is doing, there's covering up this hole which is how you access the zerk fitting. So I'm gonna lower it and show you right now. You can't see it. If I bring it down you can see there's the zerk fitting so that way you can add more grease to the jack just to keep it running like new like the first time you got it. As far as what it's made out of the top cap here which is gonna be the top portion that's not this tube. It's gonna be made of die cast aluminum the whole thing's gonna have a black powder coat. It's gonna be a black powder coat steel right here and then steel down here. So you don't have to worry about it really in the elements because that black powder coat's gonna help protect it from rust and corrosion. There's several different kind of jacks out there. So to compare it to another Ultra-Fab one, there's the Phoenix. Now that one has a little bit of higher weight capacity and comes with a remote. So if that's something you're looking for maybe you wanna be prepping something else while you raise or lower it. You just don't want to stand here and hold this button in a place because there isn't a way for it to automatically go either. So you have to hold the button to get to go up and down. With the remote you can do it from a distance while you're getting other stuff ready. Now, another thing with that though, this is better than a manual jack, because you don't have to sit there and hand crank it up and down. Now you still can with this portion up here, which is good just in case of emergency and you lose power. As far as the installs concerned, it's not too bad. It's a little intrusive just because you have to do the wiring. So getting the heat shrink pump connector set up and then the new ring terminal but we already have the hole drill in the frame. So we just knew exactly where to put that. There's three bolts that go into the frame. As long as you have the right spacing for those it shouldn't be that bad. Check out how we did it. With our old jack removed we're gonna go ahead and put our new one in. Just make sure it fits. We line up holes in our A-frame design. So all three of those holes line up perfectly with our new jack and set that in place. Let me move the wiring outta the way we're gonna use the existing hardware for this trailer. So we got. .a star washer, a regular washer and a bolt to go through there. Then we can drop this down in there. Get 'em hands started. Go back with our impact and tighten em' down. Now we gotta wire up our new jack. So I have the ring terminal here. I'm gonna put this at the end of our ground wire and then just gonna mount this it into the trailer just like we had it on our old jack. So just gonna put this in place. Crimp it down. Make sure it's got a good connection. Looks good there. Now we can use our self tapper and the hole we already had to put back and attach to the trailer. Now we're gonna connect our positive wire here to the etrick butt connector slide that in and then crimp it down. Now we'll come back with our heat gun and shrink our connection. That's gonna help seal it up where the elements won't bother it. I did wanna point out that we have lots of extra wire here. So there's gonna be about six feet of ground wire and then positive wire or the power wire. And this is bundled up here because we're not gonna keep this on this trailer so that we we didn't wanna cut the length. If you're putting it on yours at home, you know exactly how much you need. You can cut it to make it fit a little better. So you don't have all that extra that we have. But since we're taking ours off, we're just gonna leave it like this. I just tied it up. Kind of keep it all the way now that's hooked up let's see if it's got any power. We get the button on the back here, activates the lights. It shows that we have power. We're gonna go ahead, run this too. The jack is operational so we're gonna add our foot plate. I'll bring our foot plate down. Put in the inner tube. Add the pin it comes with it and where the holes to adjust it actually we'll come back a little bit more. We'll go in the lowest position here. Make sure that goes straight across, and then latch it in. Okay. Let's run the jack down and get it up off the floor jacks. Looks like it works just fine. Overall I did like, like this jack. It's definitely better in a hand crank manual one I can just hit the switch and raise or lower it. It has a decent speed. And with the lights included on the side that's nice for just case scenario. So I think it's gonna work out well. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helped..

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