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Ultra-Fab Gooseneck Trailer Tripod Stabilizer Review

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Review of the Ultra-Fab Gooseneck Trailer Tripod Stabilizer

What's up everybody it's AJ with Today we're gonna be checking out this gooseneck tripod stabilizer. And this is gonna be from Ultra-Fab. So what this is gonna do, is you can see the overhang here is where the bedroom is on the camper. And if yours is like this, you are gonna get some movement when you're walking around up here. It's just how it usually goes.

Well, you can actually do something about it and use this tripod. The gooseneck ball goes up into the gooseneck and uses it to help stabilize it. Now, it's not lifting anything up or anything like that, but it's just spread out with these feet, it is gonna make it more secure when you're walking back and forth. Let's check it out. Now, your camper is built to sit like this.

It's not gonna fall over or anything without the stabilizer. This is just gonna help you have less sway back and forth overall. Like when people are walking around in the bedroom, maybe somebody is walking in to grab something and somebody else is still sleeping, they are gonna feel that sway back and forth. And sometimes that can just get annoying. You can do something about it.

So why not If it bothers you that much, you might as well get something that's gonna help you out with it. Plus, some people just feel more comfortable seeing the contact with the ground, knowing that something is there to help stabilize it out. If you're looking to fix the swaying throughout your whole camper, you're gonna have to get some other accessories to help with that because the tripod's mainly for upfront, or in this case, the bedroom that's up top here. And I think any other play, like forward and backwards, there are other devices you can get to add on. We have the MORryde Cross Brace system here.

That's gonna really help with overall, through the whole camper. The side to side movement. It's gonna take that out when you add the pins in there. Then you can also get wheel stabilizers and those go between the tire and expand. And that's gonna take out that front and back movement. So, if swaying throughout the whole trailer is the issue, you can get the tripod and a couple of other accessories and really take care of it. Now it's time to actually put it to test. Let's see if it actually makes a difference. So, we took it off of the gooseneck up front. I'm just gonna kind of walk around here and try and get a little bit of movement. I can definitely feel the swaying or kind of like a bounce when I'm walking around. And, I can try and be more aggressive with it. You've got the sink here, so I'll grab that, and definitely can shake it back and forth. There's a lot of movement here. The blinds are going up against the window and smacking against that. So, definitely a lot of side to side movement. Even from the outside, I can push on it here, one hand. You can see the gooseneck move around just a little bit, and you might not see much movement outside, but you can definitely feel it on the inside. There's gonna be a lot more movement, like I said, with the blinds and anything loose in there is gonna be moving back and forth. Now let's install it. It doesn't take that long and you can see how nice and flat it gets. It should easily fit into a basement door, especially on this camper, it goes from one side to another. You can slide it in there just fine. So we're gonna get it lined up, and I'll pull up on this so it unlatches, so I can get the ball up in there and lock it in place. There we go. Now I don't have to hold onto it. It'll stay in place and I'm gonna straighten out the legs just to make sure they are all evenly spread, spaced out. Now we're gonna run the chain through the inner loops here, on the inside of the leg. I'm gonna do that on all three. And then pull the chain a little bit tight. And hook it up to itself. So it looks we can get to about right here. And we'll latch it, and then come back up top. Now we're back up top. We can actually use the handles here. You see how they pull down when not in use. You can pull them up and then start turning this. And what you're gonna do is turn the gooseneck ball and that's gonna bring it up into the gooseneck. It's gonna get harder as it pushes up and starts that tension, but that's what's gonna help stabilize it. So what we've done, is by turning the gooseneck ball we're pushing it up into the gooseneck, which is actually pushing tension down on the tripod. And that's why the chains are here. Is to keep the legs from fully going out. Because of that tension, it could push them all the way flat and that's not what we want. So with the chain wrapped around there, you see how tight the chain is now, it wasn't like that when we started. That's because it's pushing down on there. We're back up here, again. So let's just try and walk around a little bit. There's far less bounce than there was before. I definitely feel that walking up here. It definitely feels more sturdy. So, if I kind of do this. I can still shake it back and forth, but not as much as it was before. The blinds are not moving as much. Now outside, we will repeat that again. I definitely see it moving far less than it was before. Even from out here. It looks like our ball might have shifted a little bit on us, but that's all right, that's how this is designed. It is a gooseneck ball in a round hole. So, it's kind of a ball on a socket. It's made to move around just a little bit, but that's why the chain is there. It is keeping everything in place and it's still nice and tight, even after I shook it back and forth. One thing I want to point out is we we're trying just the tripod by itself. That's what we we're testing. So there was a little bit of movement side to side or front and back still, but that's gonna be eliminated by the other accessories we mentioned, like the cross brace here. Now, the pins aren't in that, so it's actually not doing anything right now. We just wanted to test this, but if you want to eliminate all that sway in the entire camper, you're going have to get those other accessories with it. And then they do all actually work together really nicely and take that out. Also comes with a padlock. And what we're gonna do is take our extra chain, I'm gonna run the loop through the back half of the hook. Hook up that extra chain there, maybe get it a little tighter, like that. Lock that up and what that's gonna do is when somebody goes to, if they we're to go and mess with this, this is gonna be tight. And with them attached to the chain to itself, it can't get any looser than this. So, you're not gonna be able to spread the legs all the way out and kind of work it out that way. It's gonna make it a lot harder to do. And I think if somebody comes around and sees this, they're just gonna go on to the next one that doesn't have it. All legs are gonna be a steel construction. And you have the wide feet plate here at the bottom. It's gonna give you more surface area when it's pushing down on there. And not to mention if you're on like softer ground, like mud or dirt, it's gonna give you that bigger footprint, so it stays put. Or even loose gravel, it's gonna help out with that because the footprint is so much bigger than just right here. Now the tripod can only spread out so much. The chain length also only lets it go so far. And what I mean by that is you want to make sure that it is in a good distance to be able to hook that chain on itself. If it goes too low, you're not gonna be able to pull the chain to attach it. So then you can't lock it up and keep the feet in place. Now the working limits of that would be anywhere from 31 inches to 54 inches tall. So that's how tall it is from the ground. And if you have it anywhere in those spacings it is gonna work just fine. Overall, I think it works really well. If you're, especially if you're trying to eliminate that swaying movement right up here, up front, this is gonna do that for you and give you some ground contact just to help stabilize the front of your camper. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helped..

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