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Ultra-Fab Power Twin 2 Electric Stabilizer Review

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Review of the Ultra-Fab Power Twin 2 Electric Stabilizer

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Ultra Fab Power Twin II electric stabilizer with dual motors. Offering thirty inches of lift and a 6000 pound weight capacity, it's part number UF39-941705. The twenty-two inch lift model with the 6000 pound weight capacity is part number UF39-941707. For those of you that don't have a power supply available these are also available in a manual configuration, part number there with a thirty inch lift is UF39-941704 and they're going to have that same 6000 pound weight capacity. This cross frame mount jack system is exactly what you're going to need to both stabilize and level your camper or RV once you get out to where you're going. It has a dual motor, dual arm design. These work completely independently of one another.

As you can see our plate here is all the way down on the ground and if you look at the other side we've actually got that set up on a six inch block. Both of our motors are going to extend and retract as you can see independently of one another. That's going to allow our stabilizers or leveling kit to adapt to just about any kind of ground condition. Not only is the Power Twin II going to help us out as far as the side to side stability goes, as most stabilizers will. But what really sets this one apart is if you look at our bracket length here we're looking at a full thirty-six inches and we've got this sturdy steel supports that are going to go front to back. Not only is this helping us with the side to side movement but also the front and back as we're moving around inside. The Power Twin II can easily be mounted to the front or the rear of your motor home or RV or camper. They don't recommend them for use on the front of a motorized vehicle so you'll want to keep that in mind.

They're customizable fully to fit many different varieties of applications. They'll go anywhere from a forty-eight inch frame rail outside to outside, all the way up to the eighty inch so you've got kind of a wide range there that these are going to fit. The foot plates themselves are nice large footplates that you can see here. That's really going to dissipate this energy out and spread them out. That way we won't have any kind of sinking or tilting issues to deal with. Both of our motors are also going to have the greaser which is going to make lubricating of these very easy to give us good long use and years of service.

As you can see when not in use, these are going to tuck up very nicely up underneath the rear of our camper and everything's held in place, we're not going to have any noise issues. That will complete today's look at the Ultra Fab Power Twin II stabilizers available in both electric and manual operation. .

Wendall D.


What would be the best product for my 23' Coachman Freelander Class C (Ford E350)? And where can I get it installed in Area Code 80550? Thanks, Wendall

Les D.


For a Class-C RV I would recommend the Ultra-Fab # UF39-941705 Twin II Electric Stabilizer if your frame widths is 48-80 inches wide. This will offer you 30 inches of lift. This will allow you the ability to be on most uneven camping spots. Easy, Fast, and convenient!

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