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Ultra-Fab Motor Homes Slide-Out Supports Review

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Review of the Ultra-Fab Motor Homes Slide-Out Supports

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at Now a common problem we get with campers are the slide-outs. And as you can see the slide-outs we have here, aren't very deep, but some of these can come out three, four, and five feet. When they get out that far, they want to hang down. They want to sag. Now that can put excess stress on those rollers and our mechanism down below, but also at the top, as they lean out, you can start to see some cracking and things like that in your fiberglass.

All of those things are negative things that we don't really want. Either you're going to be changing hardware unnecessarily underneath or you are you going to have to worry about leaks and things like that. Now by using these stabilizers, whether you've got a new camper and you just want to take really good care of it and ensure that you never have an issue, or you have an older camper that already has some of that sag going on, we can use these to either slightly raise that slide out backups or everything's nice and level again, or keep it from ever happening at all.Now these are going to come in a two-pack. You can see on our taller slide here, we're using the taller set. Now, this is going to be, what I'd consider, a pretty small slide.

It's just the bed that kind of comes out here. You can see in this case, we're just going to use one of them. On our medium slide here, you can see we're using two of them. And I would really go with the number of tracks that you have. The number of tracks that come out underneath, that's probably going to give you a pretty good idea of how many you're going to need.

I think you can get up into some that are larger than this. Maybe, the whole side of the RV here, in that case, maybe three or four is the better option. Now, not only do these help support the slides, but they're also going to give us some stability.Anytime you level out your camper, you get your stabilizers down. Then you move your slide outs that can give you just a little bit of wiggle side to side. So, not only are these going to help make sure that your RV is either level in the slides, that we don't have any damage occurring from using them often, but it also helps to stabilize it a little bit and it'll help you to, kind of, enjoy your camping experience a little bit more because you just don't have to worry about that movement.

Now we do have three size options to pick from just based on how high your slide is up off the ground. Over here, we're using the larger ones. Now those are anywhere from 26 inches up to 47. Over here, we've got our mid range, those are 21 to 37 and we also have them that'll go 16 inches up to 28 inches.So I would measure from the ground to the bottom of your slide and whatever that measurement is, try to hit one of those right there in the middle of that range. So, if it's a little lower, we've got room, if it's a little bit higher, we've got room. Also to help ensure that this lasts for a very long time, of course, it is going to be under a slide so the elements aren't going to get to it that much. But, we do have a clear Zinc finish on the support up here at the top and the screw coming down. We've got our plastic nut here that we turned and that's what expands it, so no corrosion issues there. I really don't even think you're going to have to worry about greasing these. Unlike the Lipper ts, I think you probably would there.Then we're going to have the black powdered-coat steel finish here. Nice heavy duty base. It's going to come down to our round pad here on the bottom. Now, this is going to work out really well, I think in most situations that we're going to be camping in. With the exception of getting out on sand, getting out on some softer dirt. For those situations, I think picking up some of the Ultra-Fab leveling blocks would be a good idea. You can just stack a couple of those up and place it underneath there to help ensure that you're not going to have any sinking type issues. The stabilizers are going to come as a two-pack. So just be sure you pick up what you need and they have a 700 pound per Jack capacity. So, for each pair that we're using, we're going to get 1400 pounds of static holding capacity.Then there are other stabilizers like these available, the Lipper components, Jack in the box is another good one. Now, those do have a higher weight rating. So let's take a look at the differences between what we're looking at here and what those are. So overall you can see very, very similar design. The top portion here that mates up with our camper is going to be a little bit narrower than what we get out of the Ultra-Fab it's a little bit wider here. The capacity on these for the shorter version is 6,000 pounds, on the larger one it's 10,000 pounds. Unless you know, we're not trying to lift up the camper, we're not trying to do anything like that with these we're just doing stabilization. I think that's really just overkill. Something else you'll notice here, to get these to extend, we've got this nut. So if we have to go from lower down all the way up, it's going to take you some time to do that.That's why my recommendation, going either with the Jack in the box string Lipper or the ones from Ultra-Fab, would definitely be the ones from Ultra-Fab. I think 1400 pounds per set is plenty of capacity for even some of the larger slides out there. And I just really like the ease of use we get with those over these. You hit the button, you extend it up, you rotate it. Overall, it's a much easier and much quicker system to use. So that would definitely be my fit. Now when installing our stabilizers, these are meant to fit on the tracks that come out. You can decide though, to move them further out towards the corner, if you want to kind of widen it a little bit. I wouldn't run these right up against the bottom of the slide though, you would just be putting a lot of pressure on these two points.I think laying a one by four or a two by four rather in here, that's going to come up a little bit higher would be the better way of doing that, kind of spread it out over a greater area. Regardless of where you pick to place it. We'll bring it in and under and push the white button. Again, that's something I really liked. I think it makes adjusting these very easy. And then at that point, we're just going to turn that a little bit, apply the pressure on there, and we're going to be nice and stable. Now. We're not going to have to worry about all those negative things we talked about earlier..

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