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Valterra RV Electrical Cable Hatch Review

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Review of the Valterra RV Electrical Cable Hatch

Today we're going to be taking a look at Valterra's Electrical Cable Hatch for RV's or campers.You can get these in white, black or colonial white. This will give us an access point to pass large wires through. What's nice about this is if you need to store the wires inside when not in use, like on our camper here that we can take off the bed of our truck, we can push back in, close it off, and they're nice and stored.It's got a nice, large opening. We're using some thick, heavy three gauge wires here for our connections. It easy allows us to push those in with plenty of room to make our connection, while keeping it nice and neat as well as giving us a way to minimize the opening that we have for our wires. So, as you can see here, we can pass our wires in and make our connection to our battery.The large fingers here at the back will keep our wiring all towards the center and nice and neat, and since they are moveable, like this here, we can pass through many wires through there and we'll accommodate those.Now if you had an even larger bundle of wires that wouldn't fit through our slot here, you can flip open the whole cover, which can also make it easier to route your wiring and accommodate more.

The opening here has a cavity that will allow you to make connections so if you needed to use any butt connectors or splices, you could have those connected and placed inside of this compartment keeping it out of sight.The cover itself is made of a durable polypropylene. It comes with all the hardware you need to get it installed. Let's show you that now.We'll begin our installation by finding the appropriate location and marking it out. We're going to be putting ours in our compartment here. Our batteries are normally located in this position, and we're going to need to route some very large cables to our batteries, so we'll be using this to make it nice and neat and not have a giant hole exposed to the outside after we're done.So, we're going to go ahead and mark it out.

We're just going to set it up in the area where we want it to be positioned. Once you've found the appropriate location that you're going to be placing it, you want to go ahead and mark it so I'm just going to go ahead and just draw around it here with our paint stick. I recommend using something like a paint stick here as this can be washed away if you make a mistake on your marking.Now that we've got our hole marked out, I went ahead and marked it on both sides, horizontally and vertically, so we could find our center point. We'll now use our three and a half inch hole saw to cut out our hole. Sometimes I recommend going backwards if you're working with softer materials with your hole saw, just to get that first layer proved out, then we can switch back to the correct direction.We're now on the other side of the panel as we are going to be going in this direction with it, I just had it the other way to make it easier to mark out, so we'll simply slide our cover in and we'll use the screws that come with it to attach it.

There is also a butyl tape that comes with it that you can use to place around the outside to help it seal.We'll take the butyl tape that comes in our package. We're going to work it around the outside here. Make sure that it's got a good seal. And any excess you've got you can just pull that off. Putting it back into position there and we'll just run the screws in to our three holes around the outside.Now with it mounted up, we can pass our wiring through to make our connections.Our customer John J had a great experience and had to say, "Great product.

This replaced the dry, brittle original equipment and after a year of desert, is still pliable. Highly recommended."And that complete our look at Valterra's Electrical Cable Hatch for RV's or Campers.

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