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Valterra RV Black Water Tank Waste Valve Review

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Review of the Valterra RV Black Water Tank Waste Valve

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at E trailer. And today we'll be taking a look at our Valterra waste valve for your RV black water tank here at E trailer. So this is a three inch gate valve designed for your black water tank. So you can see here how you already have it installed. And this is going to be especially useful.

If let's say you have leaky valves and you need a really quick fix. If you're unable to already fix your valves, or if you just want an extra kind of stop that way, if anything does happen, you're not leaking on the road. So we have this here on a Coleman trailer right now, and you can see with this design, that's more of a safety feature than anything because we have our black water valve here, our gray water valve here, and there's not much pipe before we get to our final valve. So in our case, if anything does happen, this is a great way to make sure that we have a extra kind of stop points before it starts leaking on the road. Great.

When you're driving around and you want to make sure that everything still looks good. So right here is a great reason to get this gate valve. So notice how our black water valve is right over here and how much pipe there is before you get to this output valve. So in our case, and it has happened, the black water valve was leaky. So you do have about two gallons of waste waiting right over here before you attach your hose.

So in that case, this would be very, very useful. So this here is our valve. You'll notice how it has a three inch diameter passage through it, which is going to fit most of your RVs because most of them have that design when it comes to their black water valve. So on one side you have bayonet hooks and that fits right onto your pre-existing valve. And the other side has these fittings, which is where you're going to put your sewer hose.

So right now it's in the closed position and you'll immediately be able to tell, because the handle is all the way down. Now, if you want to open it, or when you already have your sewer hose attached, you just pull up on that lever and you can see how our valve opens. Now, one thing that may happen and I've seen it happen before, is that when they closed this valve on their other valves, they got some toilet paper stuck in there. So that's where this lever comes really in handy, because then you can see if it's fully closed and functioning. The dimensions of this valve is going to be in the closed position, nine and a half inches from top to bottom. And then when you have it open or the levers all the way up, it's going to be 12 and three quarter inches. And with those dimensions is nice that you are able to rotate it if needed, just to get the best fit on your RV. Let's say you have limited clearance up here. You just moved this valve to this size, and that's how you activate it. Where this really shines is that it's a very quick fix. And if it's a quick fix, it needs to be fast and easy. So let's take a look at that install process. We have our waste valve over here, and then we also have our original valve right over here. So we're going to do is first take off the cap. And I like to take off this rubber portion first that way we're free to take this cap off, to just twist that and that's off. So hopefully your gray pink and your black tank valves are already closed and there isn't any residue on the inside, but if they are leaky, there may be some things in there when you take that cap off. So you may want to have a bucket underneath as you do this, but once you get that cap off, you're then going to get your valve and notice how we have this side with the bayonet. That's going to fit right on to your pipe, and then just twist that and lock it into place. And with this portion lock, you can then rotate your valve itself. If you need it to be in a better position, we're going to have it right over there. And once that's in place, you're going to also put this cap right back on. And don't forget to put that rubber attachment back onto that cap. As you can see, this was a very, very quick install process. Now, if you do have leaky valves, it may be a little bit more difficult to just make sure that you have your gloves and you're trying to be as sanitary as possible because as you install that valve pool water may come out. So you want to make sure that you are protected, but once that's on there, then you're good to go. So my personal thoughts about this gate valve is I really like how it's super quick and easy to install it, because if I do have a leaky valve, a little bit of effort to go in there to fix it to a place it this way I can just add that on real quick and fix it later, now if you do have leaky valves, I please try and fix them anyways, We have most of your replacement parts right here at E trailer that will work for you. But if you want something that's a quick and easy fix, this is the way to go. And if you just want an extra safety measure while you're on the road, I highly recommend picking this up anyways. And that was a look here at our Valterra waste valve for your RV black water tank here at E trailer. My name is Evangeline, and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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