Viking Solutions Rack Jack Magnum Hoist Review

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Review of the Viking Solutions Rack Jack Magnum Hoist

Speaker 1: Today we'll be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Viking Solutions Rack Jack Magnum Hitch-Mounted Hoist, part number three one zero dash V M H zero zero one. This is a great solution for hunting, camping, moving large rocks during landscaping, six wheel hitches, and generators. The 360 degree rotation makes for easier loading and unloading. And the offset legs are going to provide extra stability and lifting capacity. The legs are adjustable at different points to adjust for your hitch heights. This hoist is going to work with two inch by two inch trailer hitch receiver tubes, but cannot stay on your vehicle when driving.

The machine pulleys are going to prevent binding during cranking, and the wench cable is going to measure 26 feet and three inches long.Now that we've gone over some features, we're going to show you how we use our Rack Jack Magnum. We've gone ahead and attached our generator, this is what we're lifting today. This can also be used for many different heavier items that you need to load up into your truck bed. We're going to use a heavy duty strap, this one is going to be a true strap for wenches, but you can use any other heavy duty strap with many options available here at etrailer dot com. We'll loosen up the tension on our lever just a bit, we're going to push down until it engages, then we can tighten it up and this is going to lift up our generator.One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that our feet on the bottom have a little bit of space between the ground and the padding so that when we start to put pressure on our vehicle, it's going to take the weight and touch the ground so that our truck can hold the weight of our generator or other loads.Once we have our gear high enough, we can simply rotate it.

Once we have our gear on our tailgate or in our truck bed, we can lower down our cable. We'll remove our hook from our strap, and we're ready to push our gear onto our truck bed.Now, when we're ready to take our gear off of our truck bed, we'll again just loosen our lever. Lift it off our truck bed, and rotate it back around. Now you want to make sure that you hang onto the handle and be careful whenever lowering your gear.The Rack Jack Magnum has a 650 pound weight capacity, and is going to measure 81 and a half inches tall. To give you an idea of whether or not this will fit with your vehicle, we'll give you some measurements.

First is going to be from the center of the hitching hole to the closest point, measuring about 12 and a half inches. From the center of the hitching hole to the farthest point, it's going to measure 49 inches. And our feet on the bottom are going to adjust between 13 and three quarter inches to 19 inches. And that's going to be our completed look with the Viking Solutions Rack Jack Magnum Hitch-Mounted Hoist, part number three one zero dash V M H zero zero one.

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