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Wagan 1000 Watt Power Inverter Review

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Review of the Wagan 1000 Watt Power Inverter

Speaker 1: Today we're gt be taking a look at the Wagan Tech Power Inverter 1,000 Watts with 3 AC Receptacles, part number WC3720. This heavy-duty inverter can give you 1,000 watts of continuous power. That's enough to run most household appliances, and also great for road trips, on the job site quick applications, and for convenience in emergency situations while camping.When comparing this to other power inverters on our website, this one's going to be the most heavy-duty. 1,000 watts far exceeds the capacity of other inverters. This one does require a little bit more install, as you have to hook it up to the battery directly, and if you want to store it inside the vehicle it can be more difficult to run the wires from your inside to the outside. The other inverters typically plug in through your power outlet, so they're just plug and play.

If you need that extra juice, this is the way to go.It has three power receptacles, two USB ports, and an on/off switch. It comes with one 3 foot power cable and one 3 foot crown cable. There's ring eyelets at each end of the cable that can be connected to your battery and the other end securely connected to your inverter. Its small, portable design will allow you to take it out of your truck when you need it. Just connect the positive cable to the positive on your battery.

This could be noted by red coloring and a plus symbol. Connect your negative to the negative cable on your battery, and this can be noted by a black cable and the minus symbol. Then connect the black to the negative on your inverter and the red to the positive on your inverter.Let's take a look and see what this thing can do. We can power our grinder here, and plenty of other tools. With 1,000 watts at 120 volts, that's roughly 8.3 amps.

It has built in safety features such as auto-reset, short circuit protection, overload protection, low battery alarm and shut down, and a cooling fan. The two USB ports put out 5 volts and share a 3 amp output.Here we've got our Redarc mounted inside of our vehicle. This is ideal for long road trips. This way, you got kids in the back, they can plug in their Xbox, laptops. It's also great for business trips.

Here we've got our laptop plugged in, and it's powered directly off of our inverter here. If you need to use your laptop or you need to charge it up on a long road trip, this is perfect for those traveling businessmen; you're ready to go at any time. Never miss a meeting, Skype conference, or email with this system.When you're done with work, plug in your Xbox and have some fun. Whether you're out on a road trip, taking a break at a rest stop, you have two jobs and you're taking a break between jobs chilling your truck, on the slopes but you're taking a moment to warm up, so you can stop and have some fun, stream some movies from your gaming system, pop in your favorite game, hang out with friends anywhere, anytime. With these three outlets you can use multiple devices and push your vehicle's utility to the limits.Now, you are going to need some additional wire to run this up from the battery from here. You can get some additional wire at with part number BBW20026. This will have enough wire to run from the battery back to your Redarc in any position, and will also be ideal if mounting it inside of your RV, because it's a 24 foot length of wire, 3 gauge thickness so it can handle the amperage drawn 00:03:16. Now, if running your own wire, you're likely going to need some new eyelets to connect it to your battery and to your inverter. You can pick some of these up at with part number SWC57048.Now, if you're mounting your inverter inside your vehicle permanently, it is a good idea to have your cable hooked to a circuit breaker or fuse just in case of emergencies, if there's a collision or the wire would short out, it wouldn't cause and welding to the vehicle or potentially a fire hazard. The circuit breaker we're using here on our project is part number PK54871PL, and this is rated for 100 amps so it'll be able to provide plenty of juice back to our 1,000 watt inverter. When hooking up the circuit breaker for your inverter, you're going to want to put the battery positive to your inverter on one side of the circuit breaker, and then a cable from the circuit breaker to the battery on the other side. This will ensure that you're properly protected. That completes our look at the Wagan Tech Power Inverter 1,000 Watts with 3 AC Receptacles.

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