WeatherTech 2nd and 3rd Row Rear Floor Mat Review - 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

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Review of the WeatherTech 2nd and 3rd Row Rear Floor Mat on a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

What's going on everybody Adam here with the etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the WeatherTech second and third row auto floor mats on our 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. If you have a van like the Pacifica it is always nice to get some other floor mats in there just because the kiddos are quite dirty. You probably know more than I do when it comes to how dirty they can be. And cleaning up their messes are going to be a lot easier with this mat just because it's not carpet. You can take all this water whenever it's snowing or raining after school or something like that and clean it up really, really easily.

So you can get a full detail and make it look almost brand new with minimal effort. The nice thing about this floor mat specifically is the fact that it is a one piece. Which I really liked that just because as you can see in the back, everything's nice and covered. And the more cracks you really have in your floor mats the more mess you're going to have. This doesn't have hardly any at all.

And it is gonna be able to be used with our center seat as well. This is a custom fit floor mat. So you can see it fits really, really nicely around all the edges. And if you do have some spills you don't have to worry about it. It'll all trickle out up over here.

It's not going to get down in the grooves or anything like that. I really liked the custom floor mats. They really fit really well, both in the front and the back. Even though it's one big piece, it goes in there pretty easily. This is the black.

We also have gray, tan and cocoa just depending on what kind of look you're going for. And if it is wet or snowy outside, you don't have to worry about really sliding around a whole lot. They have these ribs here to help the traction but also kind of contain some of those spills into each of these little slots. And that's just gonna be nice just so whenever you're taking turns and stuff all that water's not sloshing around before you have the chance to open up the door and let it all out. It is made of a nice durable rubberized material and it's gonna be pressed molded. So it's not really gonna lose its shape. And if you have a little bit of fitment issues meaning like it's maybe sticking up a little bit you don't have to worry about that. It's kind of cold in here but that heat is going to let it just kind of sit down and relax and fit even better than what you see now. All in all it's fits really, really well even in the cold weather. We're still gonna be able to take our two bucket seats on the side and store them in the compartment underneath. We're just gonna have to kind of just bend this back a little bit, just to get that little hatch open. And we are going to be able to remove this as well. I like how it fits with the center seat. And the nice thing about it is all we had to do is make a couple little cuts to make it fit. So let's go over that and installation process with you now. First thing you want to do is put your two bucket seats in the storage compartment, and then you can go ahead and remove the center seat and lay out our mat. Only thing you're gonna need is a nice and sharp razor knife. Just be extremely careful with it. And we can do one of two things. You can either go ahead and just cut this whole section out. But what I'm a do is go ahead and just make a little slit right here by the mounting points for our center seat just to keep all of this nice and covered. So all those crumbs don't get down in the cracks. Best way to do this is just kind of push down to see exactly where it is. So we don't have to cut any more than we really need. And take the knife, and I'm gonna make one slit from one side of it all the way to the other side. The sharper the better. I'm might have to lift up on it a little bit to get completely through. Just like that. Now you can see we're right on top of it. But what I'm going to do, I'm basically going to make an upper case I. So right at the end here I'm going to make another slit. Just like that. And the same exact thing on this side. So now, we can check and make sure we have everything nice and exposed. And then you can go ahead and take those little flaps and tuck them down like this. Check that out. So this way is my preferred way, just because you get to keep all the materials that we're paying for, of course. And it's just gonna keep it a lot cleaner and a lot easier to clean underneath that seat. The next thing you want to do is take a little cut out of this front one. It's gonna basically mimic the shape of the plastic piece. So just go ahead and do that on the front. And then on the back, we wanna go ahead and make two slits like this to allow this to slide in. And then all you got to do, line this up just like before, click it into place. And we have a nice little seal here and none of those crumbs are going to get in there. When getting our seats out of the storage compartment, what we want to do is just kind of fold this back, like so. You have to hold it up a little bit. It'll be a little bit easier with an extra set of hands, but we can manage it. And go ahead and take this back and notice how it comes undone. And that's exactly how these are going to have to go back in. Once these are up like that. There we go. And we want to take this bottom part out. Really slide it in. And the edge you really gotta pay attention to is right here. You kind of just grab your hand, put it underneath, and just pull this up as that goes down, just to make sure it doesn't pinch it. Just like that. Once it's nice and into place, it should slide right in. Just like that. Then go ahead and fold this back. And we are done. To give you my 2 cents, it was really simple to put it in. Yeah, we need to put the seats down and make a couple cuts but that really wasn't much at all. I just really liked the fact that it's one big piece. It covers the most amount of area, and it definitely is gonna be an upgrade from your factory floor mats 100% and also all the other ones that come in separate pieces. I think that this is the ultimate floor mat you can get for the Pacifica. And that's gonna do it for a look at the WeatherTech second and third row auto floor mats on our 2017 Chrysler Pacifica..

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