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Weigh Safe Hitch Receiver Lock Review

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Review of the Weigh Safe Hitch Receiver Lock

AJ: What's up everybody. It's AJ with Today we're going to be checking out this hitch lock from Weigh Safe. We're going to do it on our Weigh Safe ball mount here and what it's going to do is help lock it to our hitch. That way, when you're not around, you have to worry about anybody messing with it. Let's check it out.The locks very simple to operate, works on a tube key design.

So that's going to have better protections than just a regular key. It's way harder to pick and have people mess with it. You just simply insert the key, turn it, and it comes apart. You put the pen to the hitch pin hole on your hitch and your ball mount, and then just push the lock on the other side. Push the lock, turn the key, it's locked.

It's that easy. Now your ball mounts not going anywhere.Let's take a closer look at the lock and see the nice textured grip. Then it's on both sides, the side with the lock and this side and that's good to get you a nice, good hold on it when you go to take it out or when you're locking up your ball mount. It does turn a little bit and you put that key in there so it's nice. You can grab that side while you operate the key on this side.

And that just gives you a better grip overall.That way you don't have this spinning while you're trying to unlock it, and that can be annoying. Just to show you what I was talking about when it's installed in the hitch, a little easier here in my hands.The other feature it has that I think is pretty cool is the attached dust cap because some of the locks that I've worked with don't have those and this really helps keep your locket here nice and protected from the elements, because if you leave this exposed it's going to rust or cause damage on the inside. This just keeps it working smoother and better, longer.Something I want to point out, as you can see, there is a little play back and forth, but that's because we have it on a two and a half inch hitch today and this pitch pin lock is supposed to work with two inch hitches, two and a half inch hitches and three inch hitches. So, there's going to be a little bit of play. There's going to be less in the three inch, but not enough for anybody to get in there and cause any damage to your lock.The lock itself is six inches long, but another thing I'd like to point out is your actual hitch.

Every hitch is going to be different. Yours might not look like this. You can see that the lock hangs over where the safety chain loops go. So you want to keep that in mind, look at your hitch and see where that's going to line up.Since we're talking measurements, let's talk about the pin itself. The pin measures three and a half inches. All this is a usable space. Then the diameter of the pin is five eights. So that's what kind of hitch pin holes is going to work with. Overall, I do like the lock. It works just fine. It's going to keep the ball mounts safe. There's only a few nitpicky things on my end that I didn't like, so I'm going to show you.When you're going to put it on, you have to lean over. It doesn't auto lock, you still have to turn the key and you see that doesn't work so well without grabbing the other side and then doing it. Then it locks into place. It's a real minor complaint, but some of the other hitch locks I've worked with all you got to do . you don't even need the key, you just pop it on and it locks automatically and I think that system works a little better just because sometimes it's hard to get both of your hands when you've got the trailer and the frame here in the way. But, like I've already said, it's a very minor complaint. It's not a big deal. I think that does it for a look at the Weigh Safe hitch pin lock. I hope this helped.

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