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Winner International Club Tire Claw XL Review

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Review of the Winner International Club Tire Claw XL

Today we're going to be reviewing the Club Tire Claw Extra Large Wheel Lock. It's part number WI491. Now the great thing about the Tire Claw is that you can put this around your tires. It can fit up to a 12 inch tire. This is great for keeping your vehicle from getting stolen, possibly if you have to keep it in a place for a long period of time, or if you're possibly going to be parking it in a neighborhood that's not so great. Now this is going to be able to accommodate for up to a 12 inch wide tire, and now it's got all these different little rivets here. These are going to help secure this, so depending on the size of your tire, it fits right into there, and then you can lock it.

Now we'll over here at the lock, I do want to talk about the keys for a second. The great thing about these keys is they're not the traditional style of key. These are a laser encrypted type of key, so they cannot be copied. That's why there are 3 of them, so if you either lose one or misplace it or if you need to give one to a spouse or significant other, then you have the option of that. Now once these are gone, they're gone and you won't be able to open that, so definitely make sure that you at least keep one in the house or keep it in a safe place or give it to somebody you trust. Now back to the actual lock itself.

It's got a nice little cover on it. It's going to keep any dirt, dust, or debris out of there. This way you don't have anything obstructing the entrance of the key itself so that you can widen it out or put it back in as you need it. Now the claw itself is made of a durable steel. It's coated in this nice, red finish. This coating is there to help prevent any rust or corrosion or any dust, dirt, and debris that might damage it, so this way it will stay nice and together.

The ends of the claw are dipped in a vinyl coating. This is going to prevent any scratches on the wheel hubs or on the tires themselves. This way you don't have to worry about wearing the finish on your hubs or any of the treads on your tires. Now that we've gone over all of the features of the Club Tire Claw Extra Large, let's go ahead and put it on our vehicle. We're here at our car. Now we're just going to go ahead and bring that around here.

Slide that into the hubs, secure it in, lock it in place, take out our keys, and we're good to go. That is going to do it for the Club Tire Claw Extra Large Wheel Lock, part number WI491. .

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