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Review of the XG Overload Truck Bed Storage Box

What's up everybody It's AJ with etrailer.com. Today we're going to be checking out the XG Cargo's Overload. It's going to be a great option if you don't want to install a tonneau cover on your truck and you want some kind of waterproof protection for your gear. So, if you're going camping, you want to throw your stuff in the back of your truck, again, you don't have a tonneau cover, no way to cover it up and keep it safe, this way you can. It zips up on both sides, you can fully load it, and even lock it up. Let's check it out.

Looking at the truck we're using today, it actually has a tonneau cover on there. That's just kind of to show you that even with it rolled up like that, you still have the rails on the side. It's kind of a permanent thing. And if you only use that coverage a couple of times a year, or maybe not that often, it's probably not worth getting a whole tonneau cover, and that's where this comes into play. This would be really good to keep all your gear from getting wet, like we said, and it's going to work on a full sized truck, mid sized truck, or even a smaller truck, even a cheap Gladiator.

It's all gonna fit back there and be a good option not to have these permanent rails or having to undo those every time. It's a two person job to set that up, put it back. This one is really easy. You can unclip it, pull it right out and get it out of there whenever you need to. The whole thing's may are waterproof material.

So you can see right here, pour some water on there, beads up, rolls right off. And then it also helps that this bar's in the center, that pushes it up, that way nothing can just sit here and weigh down on it. It's going to roll off just like this. You have the lip at the end so even if there was a bunch of water, it would never come up and come onto this side. The flaps are also covering the zipper over here so there's no water making it over this lip, and it's not getting to that zipper to cause any issues.

If anything, we're just rolling off to the sides on the side of your bed. Up front underneath this flap you can see the two zippers. You've got a padlock on there that way it can be locked up when you're not around. Take that off. You just bring the zipper down each side, and then you can see the inside. We've already undone the back so you can see straight through it. Kind of see some of the frame there that helps keep this upright, which is good because it's not just like a rooftop bag that you have to stuff full of things to get it to be that squared off look. It just doesn't naturally do that, but this one's got that framework on the inside that way it's always going to stay up like this no matter if you only got one bag in here or you fill it completely loaded, it's always going to keep it's shape. And the inside has 23 cubic feet of space. Now I don't know about you, but to me, that doesn't mean anything. So I'd rather just load it up with stuff and see how much it can hold. So, we're going to do that with all things we have here on the tailgate, just going to try and get all to fit. We got a couple of big totes. Oh, just one big tote, one small tote. Plenty of room for both of those. Now again, it does open from both sides, so if you aren't able to pull that over there, I could hop up in the bed, pull that stuff to help them make it easier to load. I'm just going to push it with this cooler. Looks like all four items fit just fine. There's even more space to stack stuff on top of them. If we had more bags, we could do that. I'm impressed with the room that it does have in there, even vertically, like I said, you can stack a little bit more on there, but you gotta be careful with that bar in there too, you can't push up on that. You saw all this getting loaded with room to spare, but the exact dimensions for the Overload are going to be 48 inches long, 40 inches wide, and then 21 inches tall. One of the things I really like about it is the attachment points. You've got these straps on each corner, holding it down. So it's not just going to be sitting in your truck bed, and there's no convoluted process of tying this down around there. You've just simply got those clamps, those clips that go right there to your attachment points, and hold it really tight. You can see, I can shake the truck by moving that back and forth, and it's not moving anywhere. It's not going to be shifting around in your bed, and even is going to help with that stuff loaded in there. Not that it's that hard to strap it down, but they do have the quick buckles to quickly disconnect it. So you can just go there, push that in on both sides. And now it's detached, so pull it more towards you up here if you want easier access to the stuff inside, or if you just want to remove it quickly at the campsite and set it out of the way, you can do that. When you're not using it, you can pack it all back up its own carrying case, which is nice, so that you can easily store this in your garage off to the side, or in your basement, wherever you want. It just keeps it nice and neat, all together, so you don't lose any of the pieces. Well, it's great and all that you can break it down, but how hard is it to set up Just follow along with us and you'll see us get it set up in no time. First part of our installation is we're going to put the frame together. So, you have the two pieces here that are separate. You have both of them marked B here, A over here, so just match those parts up. We'll push the frame together. And another thing to notice is that the arms on the top of the frame help you indicate what side is it going to go on. So we're going to put it in there, and it's eventually going to end up like this in the bag, and these arms are gonna fold towards the center so that you know that this is the driver's side. Now what we're going to do is kind of flip it so those arms are facing down, so I can slide it in, and then tilt it up. So we'll just get that set up, bring the bag a little closer to me. Slide it inside the bag, try and get that corner in that corner. It's going to make it easier over here. And then, you can just tilt it up. Again, this is one of the corners I was talking about, so you kind of have to pull this out just a little bit, push that into place. We're going to do the same thing on the passenger side. Cap fell off, so I got to replace that before we push it back into that corner. Now we're going to pull those arms out. It's kind of hard to see, because it's up and in that bag. We're going to pull them out towards me that way we can connect them. So I'm bringing them out here. Now you can get a better look at it. I'm going to feed this bar into this one here. Just got to push up on it a little bit, bring it out, and then push it back in. It's going to slide back into place, and push up on that button that way it fully goes into place and locks it in. Just like that. Now we're going to put on the top part of our frame. Just going to push it and it will snap into place right here. You want it to arch upwards towards the top of the bag. And we found the easier way to do this would be to just go ahead and connect it here, push in on that tab, get that into place, and then you can kind of just push out on this bar, and it will snap into place on this side too. Just like that. Now we're going to go ahead and strap down our bag in the truck bed. I already did the other one. We just take our clip and put the red side on the tie on point in the back of your truck bed, and then up here attach this to the bag. I'm just going to push in and attach it there. And then you can just pull it tight on all the sides. Now you're ready to zip it up. Bring the two zippers together here. And then we're going to add our padlock and you're going to do this on both sides. Just run it through the zippers, lock it up. Overall, I think it works pretty well. It was really easy to install. It didn't take that long to set it up. It was far easier than setting up a tent. So, just setting that up, you got partial coverage for the items you want to store in your bed, and you can just put them in there and zip it up, and lock it up and be on your way. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. Hope this helps..

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