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Yakima LockNLoad Platform Rack Jerry Can Holder Review and Installation

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Review and How to Install the Yakima LockNLoad Platform Rack Jerry Can Holder

Colin: Hey everyone. It's Colin here at etrailer. And today we're going to take a look at an accessory for the Yakima Lock and Load Platform Rack. This is a jerrycan holder that's going to mount to the T-slots of your platform rack, gives you a really nice and safe option to get your jerrycan loaded up on top of your platform rack so you don't have to store it in your vehicle.Now it's going to be a basket-style holder that's going to let your jerrycan sit right inside of it. And you're going to have a ratchet strap which goes over top through the handle and down the other side, we have a bracket down here which it hooks into, there's a same thing going on on the other side. And we got the ratchet up here to help secure it, make sure that it can't shift at all.What's nice about this holder is that you can maneuver it wherever you need on the rack so that you can get all of your cargo loaded in the most efficient way possible.

The basket right here does have a really sturdy steel construction that's going to be very durable and it's got a black zinc coating, so that's going to help it resist rust and corrosion. You're going to be able to get a 10 or a 20 liter jerrycan up here so you can haul about five gallons worth of water or fuel to your destination. Keep in mind, it does have a weight capacity of 45 pounds.Now, when installing it, we have our two pieces right here that are going to thread on inside the T-slot. This is kind of different from a lot of other T-slot accessories you might use because these go in first, rather than threading onto the bolts. That's what the springs are for.

So we're just going to bring it, push it down, and then slide it in our T-slot. This is going to keep it towards the top so that we don't have to struggle threading it onto our bolts that we're going to install in a minute. So we'll push that all the way and we want to do the other one as well.Now we'll get our carrier in place. We'll just make sure we line it up with these spacers we already put into our T-slots. Now, right here, we have our hardware laid out in the order we need it.

So we'll just grab our screw, put the large flat washer on, then the swivel spacer, then we're going to put it through our bracket right there just like that. And then we'll put the silver wave washer on it and then another washer. And then we're just going to bring it down here, get it installed onto the bracket right there.Now you do want to make sure that the swivel spacer gets inside the bracket. Once we get that tightened down, we'll take our included tool, tighten it the rest of the way. Once we get it tight all the way, it should still be able to swivel back and forth just like that.

Now we'll just set our jerrycan into place. And then we'll take our longer strap right here. We're going to feed it through the top, under the handle, pull all the way through. Now on the backside, we'll put it inside that bracket just like that to where it's got a good hold. And then up front right here, we'll go ahead and get it installed on our ratchet. And we'll get this installed on the bracket as well. And then we'll tighten it down. Doesn't have to be too tight, just get it pretty snug. And then you'll be good to go.Well, thank you all for watching and I hope this information helped you out, but that's going to do it for our look at the jerrycan holder for the Yakima Lock and Load Platform Rack..

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