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Yakima Crossbar Load Stops Review

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Review of the Yakima Crossbar Load Stops

AJ: What's up, everybody It's AJ with Today, we're going to be looking at the Yakima load stops. These are going to go in your T-tracks on our overhaul, today, to show you how it helps you tie down whatever you're carrying, kayaks, lumber, ladders. It's going to work for anything you want to throw up on your bars. Let's check them out.The load stops are made out of black, powder coat steel. Easy to move.

You just turn this hand knob and move it back and forth along the T-track. It's got the hole on the inside, here, to run your straps through, to keep sure your load is tightly secured to the top of your rails. It goes straight up and then kind of flares out a little bit, giving you space to add those straps in there. If it was just straight up and down, it'd be against the kayak, and it'd be harder to get this through. I like that they thought it through, to kind of open up like that, just in case you get it stacked up here, and whatever you're loading up is a little more out than that, you still have that room to add the strap.When you do get your load stops, you're going to get four of them in total.

That way, there's two of them on each of your crossbars. It also comes with two different sets of the blocks that go in the T-track. That way, if you have the AC bars, you got the thicker blocks for those. And for the rest of them, you got the smaller blocks. The only thing it doesn't include is the straps.

So if you're going to go strap something down, I recommend checking out our website and getting some cam buckle straps.Load stops are super easy to install and move back and forth. Let's check out how we did it. Here's the pieces that are all loose. You got the hand knob, and drop our washer on. Put it through the hole, there.

Then we have our block. Just going to go ahead and screw that in a little bit, because you want it loose when you go to put in the T-tracks, up top. But just keeping it attached.Last but not least, we got a nice little pad that's got an adhesive. I'm going to peel off the back and stick it there, like on this one. And that just keeps, when you drop it down in a T-track, from it scratching all along the top of the rails Might take you just a second to get that back part peeled off. It looks like I got it started. Peels off that easy. Stick it on there. Now it's attached. Let's go up top and put them in the T-track.Just going to go ahead and peel back the weather strip and get it out of the way, because you want that track free to add the load stops in. And it's going to be a real easy process. You're going to come to the end here. Make sure we line up these blocks with the slot. Had that one a little too tight. Slides right in. Going to do that for the other side, as well.Now, if you wanted to fill in the gap with a weather strip, you could cut it to length where you're going to keep your load stops most of the time. I would leave it off there. That way, you have plenty of room to go ahead and adjust it for all the different stuff you're going to carry. Chances are you're not going to be carrying the same stuff all the time. Maybe, if you're only just using it for your kayaks, and you know where it's going to go, if you're kayak's going to sit there, then you can just put the rest of the weather strip there. Cover it up. You can do that, but I'd leave it open, just so you have all the option and all the room to carry whatever you want.Went ahead and threw our kayak up there so you can see what it looks like, using the load stops. I like that it has the hole here to run your straps through that and make sure it stays nice and tight. I'll try and push on it. Like I said, nice and tight. It's not going anywhere. They work great.So whether you're carrying kayaks, some lumber, or ladders, I think it's really going to help you get those tied down and keep them in place, pretty easily. I think that does it. I hope this helped.

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