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Yakima EXO System License Plate and Tail Light Relocation Kit Review

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Review of the Yakima EXO System License Plate and Tail Light Relocation Kit

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today, we're looking at the Yakima taillight and license plate relocation kit for the Yakima EXO system, otherwise known as Yakima LitKit here at etrailer. Now, when you do have the Yakima EXO system on your vehicle and on your hitch, you will notice that the accessories, especially when you have the top shelf installed, can be pretty large and bulky, so you may cover your license plate and or your taillights with everything assembled and installed and mounted to your hitch. So, because of that, we do have the Yakima LitKit, which is the taillight and license plate relocation kit. That way, you can stay safe and legal on the road. What you get with this kit are two taillight brackets, so they go onto the arms of your SwingBase.

And you have these red taillights as well as this license plate light for your license plate. So, just make sure to maybe get either an extra license plate or to move your license plate from the back of your vehicle to the front. And when you do take your EXO system off, you won't forget to put it back on your car. So, this includes a wiring harness to connect to your vehicle. So, what you need to do is just make sure that one, you have a wiring harness already pre-installed on your vehicle, and it just uses a four-way wiring harness.

So, if you do happen to have a seven-way port, just pick up a seven-way to four-way adopter here at etrailer. This fits US and Canadian license plates. Those are the ones with the holes on the top for these two plastic bolts. So, if you do happen to have a different style of a license plate, you may need to drill a hole into the top of it, so that this will fit. So, these LED lights are going to mimic the taillights on your vehicle.

So, whether you have your brakes on, or whether you have your turn signal on, so you're left as well as your right, this is gonna help keep you safe and legal on the road. You can also see, with the flashers on, how bright they are. So, this is gonna be great, especially during emergency situations, when you need to keep your hazard lights on. Now, as for ground clearance, the lowest point of the LitKit is gonna be your license plate. So, with the standard size of a license plate, it's gonna sit five inches below the bottom of your SwingBase arms to the bottom of that license plate.

So, the install process is very simple. It's just a bolt-on process and it includes the wrench you need to tighten those bolts down, so let's take a look at that process. So, now we have all our parts here set up for assembly. I already put together the passenger's side bracket, so we can put together the driver's side bracket together. So, first, line up your bracket with the bolts in the back, and then fit your wiring through the middle, then you're gonna put a bolt through the front. So, just fit that through and then use a flat washer, and then a nut to hold that down. Tighten down both bolts with the included tool. After you have your brackets assembled, you're then gonna open up the arms on the SwingBase to install them onto the arms, so just pull that lever on the side and swing out those arms. Now, you're gonna line up the bracket with your arms on your SwingBase. So, depending on which accessory you have is gonna be what holes you're gonna use. So, most of your accessories will use back two holes, but if you do happen to use the EXO DoubleUp bike rack, you're gonna use the front two holes. So, I'm gonna put them on the back two holes and use the included knobs, just to put them into place, and then tighten them down. Now, if your Yakima EXO accessory covers your license plate, this also has a license plate relocation bracket. So, what you can do is you can use the included plastic screws as well as the plastic nuts, and that goes in the back. And then just use a screwdriver or you can just use your hands to tighten this down here in the back, and that will relocate your license plate. And then you're almost there to the wiring harness, but first, you need us to set up the clips. You're gonna have six clips and that's gonna be three on each side. So, just pop them into the holes on the bracket, and make sure you have all six securely installed. And now, you get to plug in your main wiring harness. So, here's the plug-in port, right here towards the front of the SwingBase. Now, there's a trick to this. If you have it rotated, you can have it in the lock position where you can't pull that wiring harness out, but you can take that cap off. So, I'd like you to put that into that position and then just plug the four-way wiring right into that port. Now, that four-way wiring splits into two plugs, so make sure to get the correct ones for each of the taillights. Now, plug in the wiring harness from the SwingBase, on the back, into your vehicle. Now, in my case, what I have is a seven-way wiring on my vehicle, so I have an adapter. And that's what I'm gonna do and use to line up with the harness on the SwingBase. And once you've plugged in your wiring, just turn on the lights on your vehicle, just to make sure that everything is connected properly. So, that is nice and neat. Don't forget to feed the wiring harness through the clips that you just installed onto your SwingBase. Make sure that's all secure. That way, you don't have harness flopping around as you drive around. Now, whenever you are loading your accessories, you can take the rear most knob out of that SwingBase, and this will allow you to just drop that down, so you can load your accessories, but don't leave it down for an extended period of time. Once you do have your accessory loaded, you get that knob, line that up, and secure it back into place. Now, make sure that when you do have the LitKit on your SwingBase system, you remember that you cannot put these arms away back into the portable position, so just keep them out. And if you do need to fold your arms back in, you will have to take off these brackets. But once that's all done, everything is secured and you know how to use these brackets, that's it for the install. So, my final thoughts about the Yakima LitKit is I really do like how it fits in and works with the Yakima EXO system. Now, the EXO system is a modular system where you get to pick and choose which kinds of accessories you want. So, if you have the box on the bottom, the bike rack on top, that is a lot of space it takes up behind your vehicle, so you wanna make sure that you are safe as well as legal on the road and that you are visible. So, having these taillights to the side of your SwingBase as well as a bracket for your license plate is helpful, just so that your Yakima EXO system works as a whole. You can also use this with your other accessories. And if you do it correctly, you can just slide the accessory in through the top or through the side, just make sure that you are careful about where the brackets are placed. And then that you have the brackets in the right place, especially if you have the bike rack, that it's further out to the end. And that was a look here at our Yakima taillight and license plate relocation kit for the Yakima EXO system, otherwise known as the Yakima LitKit here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline, and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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