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Yakima EXO SwingBase with GearLocker Enclosed Cargo Carrier Review on a 2017 Toyota RAV4

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Review of the Yakima EXO SwingBase with GearLocker Enclosed Cargo Carrier - 2017 Toyota RAV4

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at And today we are looking at the Yakima EXO SwingBase system with the gear locker enclosed cargo carrier here on our 2017 Toyota RAV4. So if you are interested in the EXO system and you are interested in all of its different attachments but you just want to start off with something that can carry all your gear. This is a great place to start. So we have here an enclosed cargo carrier made of this nice premium abs plastic and you can carry up to 10 cubic feet worth of gear inside.

So it also, you can also pick up these gear totes for it and that will help organize your system or just throw whatever you need in there for your adventures. Now, while some cargo carriers can tilt away, if you want to access your hatch, what this does is that it swings away. So let's take a look at that, here in the back, we have this knob and we just need to loosen that knob right over there, that will release the swing base. So once you have it rotated enough, you can then pull this knob and then that releases it out. So you can just push it out until it catches all the way at the end.

So you can see here how you have plenty of space to open up your hatch, grab whatever else you need, maybe get out of your car, all without having to take off the cargo carrier. And when you want to bring it back into position, you pull this knob like that and then push it back into place. So here it goes up that ramp catches at the end. And then you use that knob that you loosened earlier to tighten it back in. Remember, this is a very important part to secure because it holds the entire system tight.

And when you're ready to go out for a ride, make sure that this is fully tightened down. Just like that, all right. Now, let's take a look at how this box works, so this slides really quickly onto the arms of your swing base. You can also put them on your top shelf. I like them down here at the bottom because it's easier to access whatever I need to.

So you can loosen these knobs or tighten it down. They come with a key. So if you need to lock it, you can lock this gear locker. So this is unlocked and then turn it, that latch comes down and locks it. If you get them both together you will have them keyed alike. So one key to access the whole system. And once you have those speed knobs locked they will spin freely. And once they have them unlocked you can use it to tighten down and loosen your cargo carrier. All right. So with this in place, don't forget to put those tabs in to make sure that they are fully secured. Now let's take some measurements because we have it here on our 2017 Toyota RAV4. Let's take a look at how much clearance we have on our vehicle. So here we'll measure from the bumper to the end of the cargo carrier, and it sits at 12 and a half inches. Closest point will be here by the, I guess the hinge and that sits at about 12 inches away from the back of our vehicle. So no need to worry about any contact with it. You can also see how our backup camera's clear. So is our license plate and our tail lights. Let's take a look at ground clearance. This sits above the swing base. So the swing base is our closest point to the ground. It sits at 14 and a half inches and the box itself sits at 17 inches from the ground. This has a weight capacity of a hundred pounds. If you have it on your top shelf has a weight capacity of 80 pounds. So just make sure you don't overburden that, but all in all of the swing base is the most, is the heaviest part of the entire system. So make sure that your hitch on your RAV4 can accommodate both the swing base and whatever you're gear you wanna load it up with. Welp, all in all as a gear locker or enclosed cargo carrier I think this does really well. It can carry a good amount of stuff as well as give me the like flexibility of rearranging whatever I need, being able to swing it out to access my hatch. I like how it works. It's nice. It's strong, it's durable. The box itself is pretty light but it also has that really good weight capacity. And you can see how it doesn't cover any of the important features of our vehicle. So that was a look here at the Yakima EXO SwingBase system with the gear locker enclosed cargo care here on our 2017 Toyota RAV4..

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