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Yakima HalfBack Trunk Mount 3 Bike Rack Review

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Review of the Yakima HalfBack Trunk Mount 3 Bike Rack

Today we'll be taking a look at the Yakima halfback trunk mounted 3 bike rack. Part number Y02635. Got three bikes and somewhere to be The Yakima halfback trunk mounted bike rack is the perfect solution for you. It simply attaches to your trunk or rear hatch and is held in place by four straps. The straps feature rubber-coated hooks and our braces feature foam pads, so we don't have to worry about it damaging the finish on our vehicle. It's securing our bike in three locations. We have our top two cradles for our top tube.

And then for our down tube, we have this anti-sway cradle. It's gonna help prevent any sway in the bike while we're on the road, as well as prevent bike-to-bike contact and bike-to-vehicle contact. We've gone ahead and removed the bikes so we can go over some additional features. The bikes rest on our dual arms. The cradles as well as the zip strips feature soft, rubber pads that are designed to absorb road shock, and they also won't harm our bike's finish. Our arms are adjustable to help keep our bikes level.

They also fold down when not in use. This would be ideal for pulling in a garage or in a tight parking spot. It's made out of a sturdy Baumer 00:01:08 steel construction and has a weight capacity of 35 pounds per bike. If you'd like to further secure your bikes and your bike rack, you can pick up the steel reinforced security strap. That's part number YO2623. You can also pick up the cable lock.

That's part number Y07233. Here at the end, we have the Yakima signature bottle opener so that you can enjoy a cold beverage after a hard ride. The whole thing features a limited lifetime warranty. Now that we've gone over the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. It's in the stow 00:01:38 position right now. This would be ideal for stashing it somewhere in your garage.

Let's go ahead and open up our upper brace. So we want to come over here to this center hub here, raise it up to unlock it, and that allows us to raise up our upper bracket. Check your instructions to get your fit guide number, and then you will just line it up with the notch here. Once we got it set, we can then position it on the rear of our vehicle. We want to make sure it's centered up, and then we'll put it in place. Now with it in position, we're gonna grab our strap here and it's gonna say, "Top." That's gonna go at the upper portion of our trunk right there. Then we can come down to our buckle and just kind of draw that in a little bit just to hold it in place. Then we'll repeat the same process for this side. Now unlike most trunk mounted bike racks, the Yakima halfback uses four straps as opposed to six. So our bottom ones are just gonna hook at the bottom of our trunk. We're actually gonna draw it in through here and then bring it down. In some cases if you need to lift up on your trunk to get these in, you can do that as well. Now with our straps in place, we can go around and snug them up evenly. So I'm just gonna pull down on the two bottom straps and then pull forward on the two top straps. Then we can just bunch up our excess strap and put it in the keeper. Now we're just about ready to load up our bikes, let's go ahead and raise up our arms. So I'll come over here to this gray hub. We're gonna roll it upwards, and then we can raise our arms into place. We want these positioned parallel with the ground or slightly elevated. Now in preparation for loading up our bikes, we can go ahead and take out our zip strips. We'll squeeze in on the two tabs on the sides and pull them out. Now we'll grab our bike, and when doing so it's not a bad idea to go ahead and put the heaviest bike on first. We'll work our way to the back. You may have to adjust your cradles a little bit. Then we'll set it in place. We want to make sure our anti-sway cradle is nice and snug up against this tube here. Then we can just go ahead and take our zip strips and put them back in. Now I've gone ahead and loaded up two more bikes. Some bikes, such as women's, children's, and bikes with alternative frame styles, may require the use of a bike adapter bar to sit evenly on the cradles. Yakima makes one, and that's part number Y02531. Now with all the bikes secure, the only thing left to do is to run our wheel strap. If we we're just using one bike, we could use the smaller strap for our front tire, but since we're using all three bikes, we're gonna use the larger strap. We'll simply just run it through both front and rear wheels of all the bikes and then back into itself. We can also go around the bike rack, then we'll bring it to the front, we'll put it through our buckle, then back through, then we'll pull it nice and tight. Some vehicles where the hooks may come in contact with glass, or if they can't be attached properly, require an alternative method to secure them. To do this, we'll remove the strap from the buckle. Now we can feed it through the second slot here on the hook. This creates an anchor point. Now we can feed the strap between the hatch and the vehicle. With the hatch closed, we'll pull the strap through creating a secure anchor point. Now we can reattach our straps to the bike rack and install it as normal. Now let's go ahead and take it out on our test course and see how it performs. Let's first go inaudible 00:06:17. This is gonna show side-to-side action, such as going around corners or invasive 00:06:22 maneuvering. Then on to our alternating speed bumps, this is gonna show a twisting action such as going over potholes or uneven pavement. Then finally onto our solid speed bumps, this is gonna show an up and down action, such as pulling in and out of a driveway or out of a parking lot. That's gonna complete our look on the Yakima halfback trunk mounted 3 bike rack. Part number Y02635.