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Yakima Handcuff Bike Lock Review

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Review of the Yakima Handcuff Bike Lock

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Yakima Handcuff. This is a steel braided cable lock that's been designed for use on the Yakima SwingDaddy and also RidgeBack line of bike racks. Part number on it is Y02466. Now, the handcuff goes right into an already in position square hole here in the rear of the rack. Simply remove a bolt, slide it in and replace the bolt to get that installed. Has a vinyl-coated steel braided cable, the vinyl coating of course is going to protect our bikes from any kind of damage. The steel cable is going to give us a really durable security measure that's going to resist sowing or cutting. Here at the end, we've got a replacement cap that goes on.

The pin comes through and it's very easily lockable and unlockable. Really easy to use, we've got a new stud that we've put in place there, to secure it too, just like that and when not in use, the cable will store right into the rear of the rack here. We just tuck it down and in, so it's not hanging out in the way we we're trying to use it. It's got plenty of length to it, when we do pull it out. This is going to allow us to go through all the bike frames. Then once we click it in here in the rear, it's going to secure everything in place so we don't have to worry about it coming up messy. They do provide a, an additional single-key system lock tumbler so you can replace your anti-rattle knob lock cylinder at the bottom, so you only have to use one key for the rack.

One last great feature that's offered here at the handcuff lock system is the extra single key system lock tumbler. This tumbler matches the lock that's in the end of our cable, that's going to allow us to change our anti-rattle lock core or our tightening knob here in the rear. We'll take the blank key, we're going to place that all the way in and pull out easily on it. Now we'll take that core off, replace our new core on, and we'll slide it into position. Let it go, now you want to hold the face of the lock with your finger as you pull that out, and now our lock here on the rear through our knob and also our lock for our cable are going to be the same so we only have to carry one key with us. Now that we've gone over all the features, let's show you how to get it installed on your rack. Here at the rear we're going to be removing one of our end caps. We've got a replacement end cap, the silver stud and a little clip that we'll need.

We're also going to need just a standard Phillip's screwdriver. Right underneath here there's a small screw. We're going to remove this, and we can pull our cap off of the end. As you can see there, this is factory pre-drilled, the large hole here on the top and here on the bottom, so we're going to align the holes up and our end cap with that, just slide the pin down and through and now we've got our little C-clip or our little pressure clip that we're going to push in from the rear and from the front towards the rear. Now you can use a screwdriver to push this in but had to have a little inaudible 00:03:46 so just use that to push it down. That's all there is here for the rear. Now at the front, we want to undo our black T-handle, now let's just move the rack out a little bit from the vehicle, that's going to give us access to that little black panel. We'll take the provided Allen key that we've got, going to remove the small silver screw, so this is more of a bolt.

With that out, we'll pull out and up to relieve that little tab from behind our rack. Now is we're going to need our cable. Locking in as you can see the black plastic portion here is made just like the part we just removed, it's got that small tab. You need to gather your cable up to get it to fit in there. We're going to push in and down and we'll push down far enough, if you look through this little, that little hole there, we've got our threaded hole lined up with that. Now it's back to our bolt, they do supply you with second bolt in your kit. Let's just get that threaded in. Now the bolt that we have here, this is security style so it's got that small tab right there in the middle to prevent just a standard Allen tool from working with it. If we want to store it, we'll just then push our cable on down then, that'll stay nicely right there behind our rack for ur. Let's go ahead and show you how it's going to work with the bike. Let's get the rack back in its secured position, now we just need to grab our red cable in. We will bring it back, of course we'll bring it through all the bikes that we have loaded. I just wanted to load this very back one to show you. Bring it over and then just secure it right up on our peg 00:06:24 now we've got our secured. We can rest assured that they're not going to come up missing while we're in the store doing whatever we need to do. That will complete today's look at the Yakima Handcuff bike rack for RidgeBack and SwingDaddy style bike racks, part number Y02466. .

Questions and Comments about this Video

Rejean M.

Hi, thanks for the video demo....very well done. As for the product.... it strikes me that anyone with the security allen key could come over, undo the lock pack and go away with the bikes. Seems rather odd that all the security rests on an exposed bolt that can easily be taken off! They should have made the lock pad secured with a lock with same key as the cable lock....I feel I am actually much safer using a standard cable lock that I can secure around the post and the bikes

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Rachael H.

If you would like to use a separate cable lock feel free, and in all reality the locks are supposed to deter theft, but that doesn't mean that a thief won't try to work around it.

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