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Yakima Hitch Adapters Review - 2021 Chevrolet Traverse

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Review of the Yakima Hitch Adapters on a 2021 Chevrolet Traverse

Hi, everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer, and today we're looking at the Yakima EXO System here on our 2021 Chevrolet Traverse. So the Yakima EXO System is an awesome modular system. You get to mix and match different accessories, like a bike rack, a ski and snowboard carrier, a cargo box, or a cargo basket, and you can get to up to two levels of those accessories, making it for a very useful item, especially if you do not have a roof rack, you can't have a roof rack, or if you already have a roof rack and it's fully loaded up. This creates a way to utilize your hitch to its maximum potential. All right, so let's take a look at some measurements first just to see how the SwingBase fits on our Chevrolet Traverse. No matter what kind of accessory you're gonna get, you're gonna have the same amount of ground clearance because of how the SwingBase is made.

It's the core to the EXO system, so that's what we'll base our measurements off. So first for ground clearance, we're gonna measure underneath the arms of the SwingBase to the ground, and that's gonna be 20 inches here on our Chevrolet Traverse. Now, measuring from the shank to the ground, it sits at 17 and a half inches. So you get a little bit of extra height, but either way, you have a pretty decent ground clearance on the Traverse. I've seen vehicles with lower ground clearance, so that's just gonna be extra helpful when you're going up steep inclines like driveways or hills or you're going over speed bumps or over potholes.

Let's also take a look at length added to the back of our vehicle. So measuring from our bumper to the end of the SwingBase, it's gonna sit at 31-and-a-half inches. Now, your different accessories will come out a little bit further depending on what they are. So for our bike rack, it's a distance of 35 inches away from the bumper. So that's a measurement to keep in mind whenever you're backing into your garage or trying to park into a really tight spot.

Don't forget that you have an entire modular system behind you when doing so. Okay, we'll take a look at a major feature of the SwingBase, which is that it can swing away. So to do so, there is this large knob on the back. I'm first gonna take some measurements just to see how much clearance we have. So between our bumper to the end of the knob, you have a clearance of about three-and-a-half inches for your hand, which is a decent amount of clearance as well.

I've seen vehicles with less clearance, so if you have larger hands, it's kind of difficult, but it's still possible. So here we have a decent clearance enough to rotate the knob until it releases from the system. Then you pull this knob on the edge in order to fully unlatch it, then swing it out 90 degrees until it catches in that corner right there. All right. So with it swung out like this, let's take a look at how it works here on our Traverse. So as we open up the hatch, we actually have about, let's take a quick measurement, nine inches of clearance from our tire to the end of the door, which means we can get into our trunk, maybe grab our chairs, our extra large boxes, our tables, our tents. You have plenty of room here behind your hatch in order to grab whatever you need or even set up a party with this fully swung away. Now with this, you can see how our bike rack, with it swung away, it's actually more accessible in this position. You have your front wheel clamp right over here, and if you need to dismount your other bike, you just go around the bike rack and unmount it on the other side. So let's take a look at our DoubleUp bike rack. So we have that front wheel clamp. I like bike racks with front wheel clamps 'cause I have a carbon frame bike right here, so if I had the traditional bike rack that comes down right up by the frame, I could possibly warp or break it. But with this, no worries about that. Also, if you have alternate frame bikes, like your women's bikes, your children's bikes, or your step-through bikes, you don't need a frame adapter bar with this kind of a clamp. You also have this rear wheel strap. And when you wanna take your bike off, this is where you start. You press that lever and then you pull up on that strap and then you leave it to the sides. Then you come over here to the front, hold onto your bike as you do so, press this button, push this up, push that out, and then you're ready to go on a bike ride just like that. All right, so I'm gonna leave this bike to the side so we can take a closer look here at the bike rack itself. So we have a two-bike bike rack. When it is on the SwingBase, you're gonna have a weight capacity of 50 pounds per bike. If you have it on the top shelf, we're then gonna have a weight capacity of 40 pounds per bike. You also have this extra long wheel strap here at the back as well as this rotating wheel cradle for different wheel bases and a maximum tire width of 4.8 inches, as that ratchets down to secure that rear wheel. You also have this front wheel cradle. So this comes up and it secures by this tab to make it a little bit more compact. Then you have this front wheel mount. So this also ratchets down to secure that front wheel. Now, what I like about it is you also have an integrated cable lock with the bike rack on each of these front wheel clamps. I do recommend picking up a large quantity pack of Yakima Same Key System lock cores 'cause that's gonna help you out with getting everything keyed alike. All right, so that was a look at the DoubleUp bike rack. Let's swing it back, so pull this knob in the corner and swing it back into position, up to the end, and get that knob into place, and tighten that down. Not only does this have a knob to hold the SwingBase system into place, but we also have an anti-rattle bolt and a lock. So I do recommend picking up a ratchet wrench with a 24-millimeter socket, 'cause that's gonna be a lot easier than using the included Yakima wrench to tighten that down. Okay, the best thing about the EXO System is its modularity. So let's do something really cool here. We're gonna switch out our accessories. So press those tabs to unlock it. Then you rotate the locking speed knobs all the way till it's tight again in the open position. And then you just lift this up, and we're gonna switch it out with something else. So that's a really cool system. You get to put either a box or a basket, and in our case, right over here, we're gonna put a ski and a snowboard carrier. So what I have right now is the Yakima EXO SnowBank. So just put that right into the track and then tighten it down with those speed knobs. So rotate them all the way until it feels tight and secure. Then press those tabs to lock it into place. You can also use your keys to lock those speed knobs. So this is the SnowBank ski and snowboard carrier. Notice how you have these large buttons, so even if you have your large gloves, you can just hit it like that. There we go. And then they will be open for when you want to load your skis or snowboards. In our case here, we have a SnowBank that can fit up to five pairs of skis or four snowboards. We have a rubber cushion on the inside. That's gonna help protect your skis or your snowboards from extra scuffs and scratches, but also, when they're wet from the snow, you're gonna really appreciate that cushion as well as that rubber texture, 'cause that's gonna give you a little bit of extra grip. You also have this ratcheting mechanism here on the top so you can get the best fit. I click it, click as many times as you can get it. That way, you know it's tight around your skis as well as around your snowboards. You also have a plastic core, which you can replace with your Same Key System locks that match the rest of your EXO System. All right, we'll take a quick measurement with our SnowBank on. The SnowBank is the longest accessory for the EXO System. So from the bumper to the end of the SnowBank, it sits at 40 inches long. All right. So my final thoughts about the Yakima EXO System here on our Chevrolet Traverse is that it really works well, especially since the hitch is a little bit higher compared to other vehicles that have to go underneath the fascia. You really want that extra ground clearance if you have this whole system in place. Now, even though it was a little bit higher, it was perfectly fine when it comes to opening up the hatch, which is great. As you can see, even with this all in place, you can still open the hatch and you still have that clearance even with your ski and snowboard attached. Now, if you have your other accessories, that not may not be the case, but your SwingBase will be perfectly fine on here. Now, just remember that when you have it fully loaded, you may need to get something to replace or relocate your taillights and your license plate. You can find that as the Yakima LitKit here at etrailer. But all in all, the Yakima EXO System is an awesome system and works really well with our car here. So that was a look at the Yakima EXO System with the SwingBase, the DoubleUp bike rack, and the Yakima SnowBank here on our 2021 Chevrolet Traverse..

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